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Johns Hopkins Seeks Paid Volunteers for Another Potential Covid Treatment

The university needs people who recently tested positive or were recently exposed to the coronavirus.

John Hopkins University is seeking paid volunteers to help with two studies evaluating the efficacy of Covid-19 antibodies as a potential treatment for the virus. The university needs people who recently tested positive for the coronavirus, or who were recently exposed to it. It’s assessing whether antibodies from Covid survivors can prevent people who were exposed from getting seriously ill. The clinical trial locations are at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, Medstar Health Research Institute, Anne Arundel Research Institute, and Johns Hopkins University.

The antibody trials represent the potential for another way to protect against the virus while vaccines remain in limited quantity. The goal: Find out if an infusion of plasma from recently recovered patients can help minimize symptoms.

So, how can you get involved? If you’re over 18 and able to travel to the testing facilities, you could be eligible. The study for patients who recently tested positive  includes requirements such as a positive test within the last five days, at least one symptom, and no hospitalization. The second study—for those who have been exposed—is seeking people who “have been in close contact with an infected person within the prior three days.” Close contact could mean a member of the household recently tested positive or caring for a patient without ample PPE.

Daniella Byck
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