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People Are Touting Their Covid Vaccines in Their Tinder Bios

Goodbye guy-with-a-fish photos, hello vaccinated first responders!

In pre-Covid times, dropping an impressive line into your dating app profile required creativity, interesting personal experiences, and humor. But these days, it only requires three words and two doses—”I am vaccinated.”

Yep, slipped in between jokes about 5-in-1 body wash, commentary on Scrubs, and odes to home cooking, DC people on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge are promoting their immunization status to potential matches.

A selection:

“<COVID Vaccinated>,” reads the bio of a local firefighter.

A doctor’s bio features a photo of him in PPE and the line, “Resident in Emergency Medicine (vaccinated!)”

A postdoctoral research fellow says he’s bored of the pandemic, “let’s do [something] fun together. #vaccinated.”

A 20-year-old who we can only assume works in the pharmaceutical industry (other interpretations of “I sell drugs legally” are welcome) drops it in the first line of his bio: “got the vaccine :).”

This guy decided to brag about the m.o. on Twitter:

Since the first Covid-19 vaccine doses were given in December, the number of people across the country mentioning the words “vaccine” or “vaccinated” in their Bumble profiles has steadily increased, a spokesperson for the company told me in an email.

She didn’t have specific data for the District. But here’s what I can tell you, after swiping through hundreds of profiles of straight men in and around the District. I never spotted a photo of someone actually receiving the vaccine, nor did I see any photos of someone’s personal vaccination cards. But the guys who are crowing about it have jobs that match up with those prioritized for vaccination by the District—doctors, firefighters, and public health workers.