Della Barba Launches a Pizza “Tasting Menu” With New York, Chicago, and Detroit Pies

The pizza shop that does it all is doing, well, even more.

Della Barba's tasting menu. Photo courtesy of Della Barba Pizza.

The classic Friday night problem—choosing which type of pizza to order—is officially solved. Della Barba, the Ivy City pizza kitchen offering New York, Detroit, and Chicago-style pies, is launching a “tasting menu.”

The pizza prix-fixe ($80), available for carryout and delivery, includes seven miniature pies in different styles: a classic, thin-crust New York; Detroit topped with brick cheese; Chicago deep dish; a Sicilian square; two styles of home-style “nonna” pizza; and a flower-topped focaccia. It’s designed for two people to share, and also comes with four salads and two Mexican cokes.

Owner Joey Barber says that creating the menu was not without challenges. He needed to alter his original recipes—everything from the amount of dough to the cooking times—to maintain the texture and taste of the originals. “To get that same kind of bite, crunch, and chew experience, we do have to tweak it a little,” he says.

Della Barba Pizza. 1369 New York Ave., NE.