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Bill Kristol Is Pro-Statehood for DC . . . and Cuba?

Will the island's new US senators be greeted as liberators?

The House of Representatives held a hearing on DC statehood yesterday, and stupid things were said by conservative lawmakers. Arguments against giving the District a vote in Congress ranged from DC having a lack of forts and mining, to a false claim that DC doesn’t have crucial amenities like car dealerships.

But in a fun twist, perhaps the dumbest statehood-related argument from a conservative yesterday was actually in favor of giving DC residents the vote. Neoconservative political analyst Bill Kristol, once a leading intellectual voice of the GOP but now a vocal dissident from the Trumpified version of his party, took to Twitter yesterday to tap out the following:

Kristol’s reasoning about American history makes sense enough, even if it’s a bit of a hike from the basic-fairness argument deployed by most statehood proponents. On the other hand, his grasp on Cuba’s autonomy and history, and his seeming encouragement for yet another US takeover of a foreign country, caused quite a stir on Twitter.

The take also managed the rare feat of uniting right-wing Senator Ted Cruz, perhaps the highest-profile politician of Cuban descent, and former presidential candidate/spiritual guru Marianne Williamson:


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