5 Best Whole House Water Filter Systems of 2021

Over 20 million households in the US depend on unsafe drinking water and you could be one of them.

Water is associated with the fundamentals of human living. From cleaning, bathing, and cooking to drinking, it serves as an important element in our lifeline. The problem lies in the type of water you use, which many people are unaware of. Depending on where you live, your water may consist of many toxic pollutants, such as sediment, pesticides, bacteria, and human or animal drugs.

It is evident that you cannot control the quality of your water. However, there are several options that can prevent these contaminants from potentially harming your health, property, and expenses. With a whole house water filter, it is certain that it will enhance the quality of your water.

Upon surfing the internet, we found a few of the top-ranking whole house water filters guaranteed to improve the taste and texture of your water. Be sure to check them out below, along with our detailed buying guide.

Why is the Whole House Water Filter System a Necessity?

Water pollutants are not only present in lakes, seas, and rivers, but can also be found in tap water – the primary water source for millions of people worldwide. Experts do not consider contaminants in water an actual crisis since many of them are harmless. Some are even beneficial to human health, like minerals.

When And Why Should You Worry Then?

When the level of harmful elements is excessively high is when you may begin to worry. Impure water may cause waterborne diseases or health issues. Your plumbing systems might suffer from moderate to severe damage. Stains are visible, plus you may experience persistent skin discomfort.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) US, there are four types of drinking water contamination. Physical contamination refers to organic materials or residues, while chemicals can be synthetic or naturally occurring, such as salts and bleach. There’s also biological and radiological, with parasites, bacteria, and uranium as common pollutants.

Chlorinated Water Is Not As Safe As You Think

Even though you are using municipal water, chances are you are still getting doubtful water. It is specifically true if you have obsolete pipes. That’s why homeowners switch to chlorinated water.

This type of water can undeniably sterilize most bacteria and other microbes. However, according to several studies, consuming large amounts of chlorinated water could pose a health risk. It can negatively affect your skin and hair as well.

These issues are when the whole house water filtration system proves to be a valuable asset of any home. It uses a particular filtration system to decontaminate water at a fast rate. There is no wastewater, which makes it a much more reasonable alternative to other filtering systems. It also helps reduce the amount of chlorine in your water. What makes it an all around great option is that it is eco-friendly.

Best Whole House Water Filters Online

No one fancies the idea of ransacking one product to another. That’s too old and time-consuming. Due to the hundreds of water filter systems there are out there, we were encouraged to provide you this reference guide.

Following are our top 5 picks of the best whole house water filters, along with features, benefits, and why we think they are a safe investment:

1.   Springwell CF1 Whole House Water Filter System – Top Rated

Springwell comes in at number one on our list due to its many benefits. Its version CF1 is one of the best whole house filter systems to own. Every drop of water it produces is the highest-quality and safest for daily consumption. If you are seeking a water filter for a private well, this system is your best choice.

It assures that all pollutants present in your well water are 99.6% removed.

Thanks to the state-of-the-art technology and first-class filter materials, you will receive immediate results in your water quality.

The SpringWell CF1 removes pesticides, sulfur, herbicides, chloramine, and haloacetic acids. With the 5-micron filter, no form of toxins will be left behind. It is considered as one of the systematic filters available. It can distribute nine gallons per minute – suitable to residential properties with one to three full bathrooms.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact & Modern Design

With a width measurement of 9 inches and a height measurement of 48 inches, CF1 won’t occupy too much space in your area. You can either install the unit on your own following a detailed manual instruction or hire a professional for extra security.

Besides the installation instruction and DIY video, the kit also comes with a filter, mounting bracket, O-ring, bypass valve, hose bib assembly, spanner wrench, tank head, carbon filter tank, and MNPT fittings.

  • High-Efficiency

The tank includes a 9 GPM flow rate and one-inch plumbing connections. This allows you to enjoy up to 1,000,000 gallons of freshwater.

  • ActivFlo Technology

You might be wondering what the system does to achieve its claim of 99.6% free water pollutants. It has a three-stage filtration process known as coconut shell carbon filter and approved KDF media. Adding to the removal process is the 5-micron filter – unforgiving even to the tiniest contaminant. They make use of ActivFlo technology.

  • Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) Integration

If you have a problem with pathogens and bacteria that can harm your water, Springwell CF1 can efficiently tackle it as well. You have the option to add Blackcomb 5.1 Ultraviolet Disinfection to your machine and let it do the marvel.


  • The body is made from stainless steel – serving your family for countless years with purer water.
  • All the supplies you’ll need for installation are included in one set.
  • No electricity is required to make the filter work, therefore saving your energy costs.
  • Offers 6 months money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty for the tank and its parts.


  • Premium quality means a steep price.
  • It only has one filter that comes along with the product.
  • Heavy to carry since it is a stainless steel body.
  • The tank as a whole does not hold any certification.

Our Verdict

From all the information we gathered about the Springwell CF1, we can finally conclude that it is a noteworthy asset to any home. Your health will greatly benefit, such as improved hair and skin and reduced plumbing issues.

It is high-priced, but the quality speaks volumes. Installation and maintenance can be done by an inexperienced individual through a helpful guide or hire a professional. If you are in need of a filter that delivers exceptional results for your well, this is a filter worth taking a look at.

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2. SoftPro Carbon Filter – Best for Budget

If you are searching for a water filter system at a great price-point, the SoftPro Carbon Filter is a great option. It is our best budget choice so far and comes in second on our list. Aside from the reasonable price, you can expect it to function as efficiently as top-notch filter systems. It confiscates several forms of contaminants like VOCs, residues, and industrial impurities for up to 99%.

Choose from its four sizes – from two to five bathrooms. It has added special features to make the water treatment process highly effective. The installation and maintenance process is quite easy to accomplish on your own, making it more cost friendly.

It has a simple working mechanism yet powerful enough to remove water contaminants of any type. The chemicals are detached through granulated activated carbon. They will pass through the GAC filter; hence, giving you clean water for your dishes, cooking, and cleaning. It kills oxidized iron compounds and sediment, but the minerals remain as before.

Features & Benefits

  • Catalytic Back Washing

Since it advertises itself as a chemical-free operation, the SoftPro relies on Catalytic Back Washing to get rid of 99% of impurities that can affect your health and household fixtures. It is also processed without the unnecessary use of salt.

It traps contaminants through granulated activated carbon similar to SpringWell CF1 giving you enough pure water that you can share with the rest of your neighborhood.

  • Durable, Long-Lasting Water Filter

SoftPro processes a colossal amount of water. It is enough to accommodate for more than one family. The carbon filter has a lifespan of eight to ten years before requiring a replacement. This way, you will save tons of money every year.

  • Industry-Leading Warranty

Quality Water Treatment is known for providing a generous warranty to all of its water treatment products. As for SoftPro Carbon Filter, it offers a lifetime warranty against potential faults.

  • Stress-Free Installation & Maintenance

It is always recommended to find someone who has specialized plumbing knowledge to install the water filter system. However, if you believe you are able to do it on your own, the installation process is quite simple. The package will include an instructional guide which can help you through the process.


  • Excels at eliminating chemicals and chlorine.
  • A cheap alternative to high-end models, but the quality isn’t something to overlook.
  • Get the real taste of purity.
  • Ease of installation.


  • We only found limited information about the product online.
  • Does not resolve all water impurities – a water softener might be required in conjunction with the filter system.

Our Verdict

We spend absolute time on the internet looking for as much information as we can about specific products, and the SoftPro Carbon Filter tested our patience. Nevertheless, it is an excellent budget-friendly option to cleanse out your water at a high rate.

Components are built to last by a credible supplier. It is an eco-friendly product to treat water that can supply a whole family for a full year.

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3. Springwell WS1 Whole House Well Water Filter System – Best for Private Well

The Springwell WS1 is labeled as an environmentally friendly and affordable water filter system for private wells. It primarily removes manganese, iron, hydrogen sulfide, etc., for better-tasting water. With this system, you can say goodbye to horrible smells coming from sinks, laundry, and other regular areas where the water traverses.

According to the company, the WS1 model can manage up to 7 ppm ferric and ferrous iron, 8 ppm sulfur, and 1 ppm manganese. Though, it could also be capable of reducing radium and arsenic due to the greensand filter media.

Other distinct features of the tank are the air pocket reset and backwashing. The former emits enough oxygen, while the backwashing setting lets you forget about the tank and focus on your errands. Filter or media replacement is not necessarily needed. The machine is almost maintenance-free, which is a handsome bonus.

Features & Benefits

  • Innovative Bluetooth Head

Programming and managing the whole house water filter system does not need to be exhaustive. Springwell integrates an Innovative Bluetooth Head so you can have access to the system. All you need is a touch of a button on your phone.

  • Air Injection Oxidizing Filter System

This filter system has proven to be effective at removing manganese, sulfur, and iron. These contaminants are oxidized when passed through the air pocket. The electronic valve takes care of the hustle and bustle of operating a filter.

  • UV Add-On

This one is optional, though. You can add UV Purification System to destroy 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including E.coli, giardia, and cryptosporidium. It has 15 GPM with 30mj/cm2, which makes the UV system extremely powerful.

  • Complete Package

Most SpringWell water treatment products are high-priced for good reasons. One of them is the plenty of tools that come with the tank to successfully install the system. These include bypass valve, electric head, hose clamp, MNPT fittings, drain line, and power supply.


  • Super easy to use thanks to the innovative Bluetooth technology.
  • Certified components.
  • No drop in water pressure.
  • Available in full installation tools.
  • Provides 6 months full refund & lifetime warranty.


  • While SpringWell tags WS1 as economical, many found the price to be a bit excessive.
  • May require expert plumbing help.

Our Verdict

If the idea of having an annual cost only for backwashing, a filter capacity of up to 25 years, and a lifetime warranty sound a great deal, then Springwell WS1 Whole House Filter System won’t disappoint.

Use it to kill sulfur, iron, and manganese lurking in your well water. It is a highly recommended filter system if you have the money. Springwell is one of the biggest brands with overgenerous warranties and top-notch customer service, so you’ll get what your money deserves.

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4. Aquasana Rhino Whole House Filter System – Best for Tap Water

For purifying your tap water, we recommend the Rhino Whole House Filter System from Aquasana. It has a dimension of 9 inches by 46 inches by 44 inches weighing 44.5 pounds. It is an immensely operative filter that boasts up to one million gallons of water, or equivalent to 10 years. That’s a 7 gpm flow rate.

It has a dual function – working as a water filter and natural salt-free softener at the same time. Hence, preventing salt from accumulating in your internal pipes. Low maintenance is guaranteed making it ideal for those with a busier schedule.

Aquasana Rhino is suitable for tap and well water. The tank contains trampled mineral stones and copper-zinc oxidation media. It makes the water more alkaline by increasing the pH level. All contaminants are removed to 5 microns, including lead, sediment, chlorine, industrial solvents, agricultural chemicals, and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates 99.99% of Microbes

The tank makes use of a four-stage filtration process – sediment pre-filter, copper-zinc & mineral stone filter, activated carbon filter, and sub-micron post filter. Topping up the high-grade performance is UV sterilight filtration.

It is optional and would mean extra cost. It is a perfect supplementary if you want to ensure your water is 100% safe from destructive contaminants.

  • Salt-Free Softener

You don’t need to buy an additional water treatment machine to eradicate toxic particles in your municipal water. Aquasana acts as a salt-free descaler to tackle even heavy metals. It is an optional upgrade, which means an extra addition to your cost.

Having a salt-free descaler will make it easier for you to maintain water conditioners and prevent wastewater. You don’t need programming features or electricity to start with.

  • Warranty

Undeniably, their warranty is another practical reason to switch to Aquasana Rhino as your water filter. Your purchase is covered with 90 days money-back guarantee and up to 10 years warranty for some components.

  • Professionally-Grade Installation Kit

Aquasana offers manual instructions and online video tutorials. However, many choose to rely on professional expertise to carry out the job. Pro-grade install kit includes brass fittings, post-filter, 20 inches pre-filter, and bend supports alongside shut-off valves.


  • The components are certified by NSF International.
  • Top-quality filters intended for long-term use.
  • A money and time-saving filter machine.
  • Enjoy fresh, healthy, & soft water with nominal maintenance for up to ten years.


  • So far, the only problem we have encountered with Aquasana Rhino is the necessity for a pex crimper to install the machine. It is usually owned by professional plumbers. Therefore, an additional expense.

Our Verdict

Imagine the beauty of owning healthy water for ten years. With Aquasana Rhino Whole House Water Filter, you get the added benefit of having a water softener at a fraction of the total cost.

We only hope the installation is Do-It-Yourself friendly. But in general, it is an attractive product with a pro-grade install kit and extensive warranty coverage. It is one of the best water filters you can buy in 2021.

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5. Pelican Carbon Series

Durable, efficient, and cost-effective – these are what embodies Pelican Carbon Series filter systems. It is available in two models. The PC600 has a 600,000-gallon capacity (1 to 3 bathrooms), while the PC1000 features a 1 million gallon scope (4-5 bathrooms). Both supply great-tasting drops of water and allow you to enjoy fresher baths every day.

The water filters are guaranteed to destroy chloramines, sediment, herbicides, pesticides, bacteria, pharmaceuticals, industrial diluents, and plenty of other impurities. They do not filter fluoride since Pelican sells separate fluoride filters. Carbon Series recommends a working temperature of 36 to 120 F and an operating pressure of 25 to 80 PSI.

The sediment pre-filter requires replacement every six to nine months – immediately after you notice the water starts to reduce speed. The tank media, on the other hand, may only need replacement every five years.

Features & Benefits

  • Certified Material to Filtrate

The water filter is simple in design yet very operative for contaminants of any sort. The component is NSF certified to improve water quality. So, you can drink and use it for housework.

It is built from quality stainless steel you can enjoy for longer. The unit is also designed with no wastewater. Pelican functions with no electricity meaning you can avoid high energy bills.

  • 4-Stage Filtration Method

Pelican Carbon Series undergoes four stages of filtration process to wipe out 99.9% of microorganisms. The first stage is a 5-micron pre-filter system, where it reduces silt, wastes, sand, and residues. Granular activated carbon media removes contaminants and chemicals. It will then be followed by a Pelican media guard, which minimizes the growth of algae and bacteria. For the last filtration cycle, it uses a UV system to kill harmful microbes.

  • Trouble-Free Installation & Maintenance

The Pelican system can be easily installed inside or outside your home providing it has quick access to your primary water line. It contains everything you need to build your own mini water supply. The package will include an installation guide, sediment pre-filter with mounting hardware, fittings, and Pelican series pre-loaded ready to install.


  • NSF/ANSI 42/61 certified.
  • Encourages minimal maintenance.
  • No wastewater and electricity.
  • Outstanding guarantees and lifetime warranty for the tank and a few components.


  • The presence of fluoride remains intact.
  • You may need to hire a handyman or expert plumber for installation.

Our Verdict

Transform how you cook, brew, and drink water with Pelican Carbon Series water filters. Enjoy spring-like water straight from your home. Depending on your DIY expertise level, you can install the system manually or seek assistance. Homeowners have reported a vast improvement in the quality of their water upon installing it.

Whichever model you choose, Pelican Carbon Series ensures that your investment is worth it. Both come at a competitive price tag, plus maintenance is a no-brainer. Avoid those pesky minerals or contaminants which negatively affect your household and health and let the Pelican water filter do the impeccable.

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Do You Need a Whole House Water Filter?

Installing a whole house water filter is ultimately up to you, however, it is definitely a beneficial addition to your home essentials. Not all tap and well water is safe, most contain impurities, especially if you live near industrial buildings or agricultural fertilizers and pesticides.

You can test your water supply using a home water test kit to determine if you need a filter system. If it specifies:

  • You have chlorinated water.
  • Your water has a strange smell or taste.
  • Your water has a cloudy-like appearance.
  • Your water has small flecks floating through.
  • Your water contains a high impurity level.

Then, a water filter system is definitely something to consider.

Bad odors are often associated with hydrogen sulfide naturally subsisting in groundwater. A higher presence of hydrogen sulfide promotes minor symptoms (e.g., headache) to more severe symptoms (e.g., lung irritation). On the other hand, parasites and bacteria cause more critical health conditions, from vomiting and chills to malaise.

Now, let’s enter the imperative use of the water filter system. It effectively removes all forms of contaminants – providing you with more pure water all year long. It will also improve the wellness of your hair and skin with the higher quality water your showers will provide. The water test kits are available to purchase at local hardware stores. If inaccessible, send a sample and have it tested by an independent lab.

Is Drinking Filtered Water Safe?

Most whole house water filters tackle the smell, freshness, and taste of water making it perfectly fine to drink. Though, you may want to choose a water filter that is thoroughly tested and authorized to filtrate mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. Companies usually indicate in their product description if the system is 100% certified by a laboratory.

Buyer’s Guide: What to Look for in a Water Filter?

Picking which water filter to buy requires external research and proper consideration. Not all whole based water filter systems work in the same way. Each product differs in pricing and water filter performance which are essential factors to keep in mind.


For what reason are you planning to use the water filter? Some are built to filtrate deposits. Others are designed to get rid of heavy metals, chlorine, and iron. You can also find water filters with specific devices integrated, like water softeners, to cleanse water entirely.

You don’t need to have the fanciest filter in the market which is why you need to test your water source first to prevent opulent mistakes. If your water is safe to drink and use but want to make sure it won’t emit a horrible smell, then a simple cartridge will solve the issue.


How much water does your family consume every day? A household that uses a lot of water might consider getting a quality filter to ensure longer-lasting use. Never settle for a cheap alternative because it will only cost you more money in the end.

Those with smaller families can manage a smaller or averaged-sized filter. Getting a unit that won’t be of good use in the long run may not be a practical idea. This will cause you to spend excess amounts of money. Keep in mind that the best way to make your spendings worth it, balance your water consumption and the water filter durability.

Water Flow

The right water flow will also depend on your household consumption. The flow rate is measured in gallons per minute (gpm). It refers to the total amount of water running through household dispensers, such as toilets and showers.

Let’s say your household uses up large quantities of water. The unit you’re planning to purchase should be capable of providing better water flow. Smaller homes can opt for a water filter that produces ten gallons of water per minute. The average flow rate requirement can be anywhere between 15 and 40 gpm.

It is crucial to have an estimate of your water flow rate before buying a water filter. Inaccurate measurement could lead to uninterrupted water and related issues.

Filter Size & Lifespan

The perfect filter size for most homes is 4.5 inches by 20 inches. A larger filter is preferable as it equates to a longer service cycle and better water flow. As for filter life, choose one that guarantees good longevity and price value. You can have a 100,000, 150,000, or 1,000,000-gallon filter for the same machine.

Filter Cartridges

Cartridges are responsible for reducing contaminants to improve the longevity and function of the machine. Higher levels of impurities require cartridges with more innovative media to perform exceptionally.

NSF Certification

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) is a quality standard when it comes to water filters. It is constituted by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

NSF conducts rigorous testing before issuing a seal of approval, regardless of the filter size. Being NSF-certified gives you complete assurance that a water filter system is of premium quality and boasts high-speed filtration.

NSF comes in various forms. For instance, if a water filter has NSF 42 certification, it can remove odor and taste contaminations. There’s also NSF 44 & 53, which eliminates heavy minerals to soften water and minimize the level of impurity.

The Water Quality Association is another quality requirement you should look for in a product. It comprises respected people based in America that tests different water filters. The machine must have a WQA seal on it for extra peace of mind.

The problem with these certifications is that they are costly to obtain. So, avoid getting too obsessed with finding approval seals from companies. Some products lack accreditations, though they are engineered with quality in mind. You’ll mostly find them from small enterprises.


Manufacturers usually include kits or accessories along with the water filter system, mostly for installing the unit. They assist with your savings while reducing the hassle of going to a hardware store.

Your budget is also a determining factor. Simple units may only cost as low as $50 and can be installed on your own, while complex machines cost hundreds of dollars and require professional installation. There are added expenses, too, including maintenance and replacement parts.

Which Type of House Water Filter Should You Get?

Another factor to take into account is the type of filter to use. Let’s walk you through various options.

a)   Carbon Water

If you often deal with organic substances, chlorine, residues, or heavy minerals that cause your water to be polluted, carbon water could help. It is one of the most common alternatives in the market, especially for average-sized homes. It is less expensive and only requires low maintenance.

b)  Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology handles high ratios of noxious wastes, ranging from salt and copper to fluoride and arsenic. It can potentially remove hazardous waterborne bacteria, which makes it a good value for the money.

The impurities are entirely strained, and thus, an excellent filter for cleaning and residential use. Using it as drinking water, however, is not generally recommended since the system involves stripping minerals. You can use it if you have private well water.

c)   Aeration Filter

It is another environmentally-friendly water filter option specifically designed for well waters. The process involves neutralizing toxins that affect your water’s smell and taste. Radon and carbon dioxide are among the examples.

It also discards several industrial diluters that affect the quality of water, besides iron and manganese. The pH water level is increased to make it less acidic and non-violent to use.

d)  Ion Exchange

As its name points out, ion exchange gets rid of disagreeable dissolved ions contained in water. They will be replaced with other ions with similar electrical charges to make the water pollutant-free.

This filtration method is low-cost, regenerable, and effective at disposing of negatively and positively charged contaminants such as fluoride, sulfate, calcium, and magnesium. Although, it could be weaker in removing microorganisms and organic impurities.

e)   Ultraviolet Disinfection

The central function of Ultraviolet Disinfection (UV) is to eliminate viruses and bacteria. It is eco-friendly since it relies on UV light frequencies to sanitize water. Some companies combine it with other whole house water filter systems to remove common impurities, including pesticides and chlorine.

The UV filter kills up to 99.9% of harmful microbes in the tap or well water, plus the maintenance is relatively easy. It will also save you hundreds of dollars from energy bills.

Whole House Water Filter Systems Installation & Maintenance

The level of difficulty for installing a whole house water filter system depends on its dimension or bulkiness. The bigger the unit is, the more elaborate the details. You don’t necessarily need to have plumbing expertise, though it is an advantage on your side.

Manufacturers provide a step-by-step guide through videos or manual instructions. Just follow the steps thoroughly, and you’re on your way to having fresher water. But to give you a basic idea here’s how to install a water filter system in your home.

Step 1: Drain The Water.

First, go to the main water source and shut it off. Be sure there are no small traces of water from the system. Drain it off completely.

Step 2: Cut The Pipe

Decide where you want to locate the filter. Mark the preferred location. As possible, it must be easily accessible since you will need to change the filter often. Now using a pipe cutter, create two cuts.

Step 3: Assemble & Connect The Fittings

Different water filter systems require different methods for installing brass or plastic fittings and compression nuts. Check your manual for a detailed guide. A Teflon tape is recommended for sealing filter port and fittings.

Step 4: Place The Water Filter

When positioning the water filter, ensure both the in and out ports are not installed backward. The proper placement of the port is on the water meter’s end closer, while the out port must be pointing at the water heater.

Step 5: Switch On The Water

Finally, after inclusive planning, you are now ready to try your newly installed whole house water system. Switch off the inlet valve of the filter t0 check for leaks. If there’s none, continue switching on the inlet valve to double-check.

Maintenance Tip:

Change the water filter as necessary – it varies between models. Usually, you will have to shut off the inlet valve and screw off the filter using a wrench. While you are here, clean the inside with a dry cloth. You do not need a laborious method for cleaning the filter, which homeowners with an active schedule will definitely favor.

Now, insert the new filter. Again using your wrench, tighten it up. Switch on the inlet valve and let the water run for a minimum of ten minutes before using the water.


Health comes first above anything, and your water plays an essential role in this. The whole house water filter system may seem like a very posh investment starting from product acquisition to installation and maintenance. However, you are actually saving hundreds of dollars. It is a lifetime investment worth noting.

If you live anywhere that doesn’t have pure natural water, consider what this convenient unit can do. The filter system ensures you get cleaner, healthier water at all times by eliminating up to 99.99% of impurities.

It also guarantees that harmful microorganisms will not get into your water supply. Installing any of these water filter systems can help you save money and, most importantly, preserve our environment.