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Guest List

A monthly roundup of people we’d like to have over for drinks, food, and conversation.

Photo-illustration by Lauren Bulbin

About Guest List

Guest List is Washingtonian’s fantasy cast of who we’d like to invite over for dinner each month.

Elizabeth MacDonough

As her rulings about reconciliation drive headlines, the Senate’s parliamentarian no longer has an obscure job.

Michael Tomasky

He’s the new editor of the New Republic, which is moving its headquarters back to Washington.

Jonquilyn Hill

The WAMU/NPR producer just wrapped her riveting podcast on the disappearance of Relisha Rudd, a DC child who went missing in 2014.

Amanda Ripley

The local author’s new book on why humans get stuck in intractable conflicts, and how to escape them, is well timed for 2021.

Rui Hachimura

Though the Wizards are having a rough year, the Japanese-born forward’s cherry-blossom sneakers look amazing.

Disinvited! Jody Hice

Of all the bad arguments against DC statehood, his was the worst: The District doesn’t deserve a full vote, the Georgia lawmaker said, because it has no car dealerships.