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5 Things to Know About Glenn Youngkin, the GOP’s Nominee for Virginia Governor

The very wealthy Trumpy type still hasn't acknowledged Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

GOP candidate for Virginia governor, Glenn Youngkin. Courtesy of Youngkin campaign

Glenn Youngkin is the Republican Party’s nominee in Virginia’s gubernatorial election, after defeating a handful of challengers in the GOP primary Monday. Youngkin, who is expected to face off against former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe in November’s general election, is a newcomer to politics. Here are five things to know about him:

  1. Youngkin is loaded

As the former CEO of the Carlyle Group, the DC-based private equity behemoth, the 54-year-old’s net worth is estimated at $254 million, according to The Washington Post. He joined the firm while in his 20s, after graduating from Harvard Business School.

2. He leaned on his personal fortune in the race

This $254-million fortune came in particularly helpful during the campaign. According to the Post, Youngkin was the biggest spending candidate in the GOP primary, and he lent his campaign $5 million of his own money. 

3. He ran as an outsider

Youngkin, who has never held public office, pitched himself to voters as an outsider. “I’m not a politician,” he says in his campaign video. “I’ve spent the last 30 years building business and creating jobs. … It’s going to take an outsider, a new kind of leader, to bring a new day to Virginia.”

4. He’s not as Trumpy as others, but he’s still Trumpy 

Though other candidates in the race were more enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump, Youngkin still made a play for the MAGA crowd. For example, according to the Associate Press, Youngkin made election integrity the central issue of his campaign—a move that allowed “him to appeal to Trump voters who still believe the 2020 election was stolen from him without having to invoke Trump’s name directly.”

5. He has not acknowledged Biden’s White House win 

In an even Trumpier move, Youngkin has so far not acknowledged the reality of Joe Biden’s victory over Trump in the 2020 presidential election, according to the Post. 

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