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Reddit Is a Wonderland of Weird Cicada Content. Here Are the Wildest Things We’ve Seen.

A cicada threesome and a cicada monster figurine are just a few of the things in the forums.

Photo by Flickr user Rémi Lanvin.

Ever seen a cicada threesome? How about a super-rare blue-eyed cicada? An army made from cicada shells? If you frequent local Reddit forums (for DC, Maryland, and Virginia), the answer is probably yes. And that’s not all—check out some of the stranger cicada content we’ve come across.  

A Blue-Eyed Cicada

Blue eyed cicada from nova


A Chipmunk Eating A Cicada

Chipmunk devours cicada! from nova


Not One, But Two Cicada Threesomes

Cicadas getting threeky in the DMV. from washingtondc

Cicada Threesome from funny


A Cicada On A Cicada Tattoo

This cicada on my cicada tattoo from mildlyinteresting


A Cicada Army

This persons child buiilt a cicada skin army.. from oddlyterrifying


A Windsurfing Cicada

Video of a windsurfing cicada on 695 from maryland


A Butt Fungus Cicada

Found a cicada with the dreaded butt fungus crawling on my balcony yesterday. from maryland


A Cicada Figurine

This Monster Figurine made from Cicada Shells from interestingasfuck


Cicada Jewelry 

memorializing the cicada year by making jewelry! from maryland


A Cicada Eating Corn Chips

Apparently Brood X likes corn chips? from washingtondc