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DC Reports Fewest Covid Infections Since March 2020

Just nine new cases were logged today. Hospitalizations have also reached a new low.

The District reported only nine new cases of covid on Tuesday, the lowest new-infection tally since the pandemic took hold of the city. 

As more and more residents have become vaccinated over the past few months, Covid numbers have steadily declined, according to The Washington Post’s pandemic tracker. Even so, Tuesday’s reading marks an especially optimistic point in the pandemic. 

The last time the city reported a smaller number of new daily covid cases was back on March 17, 2020, according to The Post, just as residents were first heading into quarantine. 

Hospitalizations have also reached a new low. On Tuesday, DC reported that there are 50 covid patients in DC hospitals. That’s the lowest number since at least April 5, 2020, which is the earliest date on the data set that DC makes public. 

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