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The Capitol Fence Will Come Down

Work could begin as early as Friday.

Photograph by Evy Mages

The temporary fencing around the US Capitol will begin to come down as soon as Friday, according to a memo to Congress and staffers.

The Associated Press reported last Friday that the fence, which was erected after fans of President Trump carried out a deadly riot at the Capitol on January 6, would come down soon. The Capitol Police Board, which oversees the US Capitol Police, supports a recommendation from the Capitol Police that the fence should be dismantled, the memo says. The Architect of the Capitol can reinstall fencing quickly should it be necessary, the memo says. The Capitol Police had recommended in February that the fencing should stay up until September.

Weather permitting, work to remove the fence could begin as soon as Friday, the memo says. On Tuesday, the Capitol Police outlined a number of changes it’s made since the attack, including opening field offices in Florida and California and instituting a plan to “quickly mobilize local, state, and federal manpower” in the event of an emergency.

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