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Max and Erica Scherzer Are Covering Pet Adoption Fees for a Week at DC’s Largest Animal Shelter

The former Nats star and his wife are longtime Humane Rescue Alliance supporters.

You could adopt this good girl! Photo courtesy of Humane Rescue Alliance

Although Max Scherzer is no longer with the Nationals after his recent trade to the Los Angeles Dodgers, the All Star pitcher and his wife Erica are showing their thanks to the DC community by covering all adoption fees at the Humane Rescue Alliance from Wednesday, August 4, through Tuesday, August 10. 

The weeklong promotion comes at a critical time for the Rescue Alliance, because the group’s shelter and foster homes are currently at full capacity. “Through this gift, they are making it possible for more Washingtonians to expand their families,” Humane Rescue Alliance president and CEO Lisa LaFontaine said in a press release. “It is a fitting legacy of kindness, generosity and compassion.”

This isn’t the Scherzers’ first act in support of DC’s largest animal rescue organization. Erica Scherzer is a board member, and the couple funded adoptions in 2017 to make room for animals moved to the area after Hurricane Harvey. Among other contributions, they’ve also sponsored the adoption fees of dogs with heterochromia (two eyes of different colors), a condition that Max and two of their four family dogs also have.

Though the shelter is open for other services (such as surrendering your animal), adoptions can currently only take place virtually. Potential adopters can check out available pets on the Humane Rescue Alliance’s website, and arrange virtual meet-and-greets and counseling sessions. Learn more about the process here.

*A previous version of this story said the Humane Rescue Alliance was closed to the public. While it is closed for in-person adoptions, it remains open for other services.

Jason Fontelieu
Editorial Fellow