Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top Psychics Reader of 2021

Best Online Psychic Reading Sites: Top Psychics Reader of 2021

Psychic readings have helped a great number of people deal with complicated life issues. Some have been able to overcome grief while others have found their career path or improved their relationships with the help of these psychic readings online. But, can you only find readers by searching on Google for “Online Psychic Reading Sites”?

With online psychic reading platforms offering a variety of psychic readings, you can get psychic readings 24/7 from the most skilled and gifted psychics all around the world. There are no limitations of time and place when you feel the need for psychic readings from genuine readers.

Online scam sites have put off some people, making it hard to trust online reading platforms. While it is true that not all sites are legitimate, there are many time-tested websites with skilled and experienced psychics. Finding these reading sites will solve your problem once and for all. You do not have to look for psychics near your place.

We decided to review as many websites as possible to find the ones that are really legitimate. Some of these had great customer reviews, so we decided to give them a try. We have prepared a list of the top psychic reading platforms based on our experience.

We hope this detailed review of the most reliable psychic reading platforms will help you find the right reader for you.

The Best Online Psychic Reading Sites for You 2021 [Review]

  1. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Psychics on Call, Messages & Live Chat
  2. Keen – Very Experienced & Top-Rated Psychic Readers
  3. AskNow – Best for Love-Related Questions
  4. Oranum – Best Live Video Reading Platform
  5. Mysticsense – Best for Informative Purposes

#1. Kasamba – Best Platform for Online Psychics on Call, Messages & Live Chat

We found Kasamba when looking for a psychic reading online platform with a wide range of psychic reading categories and an extensive list of experienced psychics with varied skills.

The site lets you select from among the most popular and useful categories of psychic readings like tarot reading, career forecast, love relationship reading, and so on.

It is a great website for predictions as well as to seek advice on career and relationship issues. Sometimes you feel stuck in life or cannot see the way forward.  There are plenty of psychics on the Kasamba website that can help you with these situations.

You can receive psychic readings through phone, email, and even on live chat. The entire process of finding the right psychic, getting a psychic reading session, and receiving a psychic reading has been so simplified by these sites that you no longer need to search Google for ‘psychics near me’. You can visit Kasamba, click on explore and choose the types of readings you want.

You can find affordable psychic reading options on Kasamba, but we noticed their best readers typically charge higher rates relative to other sites. You can still get an accurate psychic reading from those who charge lower rates; but, for an absolute guarantee of an amazing psychic reading, you can get one from their top-rated and highly experienced psychics.


Kasamaba connects you with the best psychics around the globe. You can find psychic readers with different skills like psychic vision, hearing, intuition, etc. These readers can use a variety of tools like tarot cards, runes, etc., to get messages for you and advise you on issues related to relationships, career, and your well-being.

If you are interested in astrology, you will find advisors from different schools of astrology like Vedic, Chinese, and western.

These gifted psychics on Kasamba use their heightened perception to understand the root cause of issues in your life and recommend solutions to overcome your life challenges. They also help predict future scenarios so you can better prepare for upcoming events. You can talk to these psychic readers on the phone or by chat.


  • Offers various additional types of readings like Past Life readings, Intimacy readings, Graphology, Paranormal readings, etc.
  • Free psychic reading online for three minutes for new customers on sign up
  • Offers abundant wisdom on the occult, kabbalah, and eastern mysticism
  • Readers from different traditions around the world
  • Easily find psychics with thousands of reviews


  • Seasoned readers can be quite expensive

Who Should Book a Psychic Reading on Kasamba?

If you are looking for a very specific type of psychic reading and if you prefer to receive readings from live chat or call, Kasamba should meet all your expectations. It is a legitimate online psychic reading site with genuine and skilled readers in every possible category.

Kasamba does not register any psychics, as they have a procedure to filter out inexperienced or fake readers and only take in the best psychics. Over the period of 20 years, they have finally listed the most gifted and talented psychics on their platforms.

The best part is, you can find any kind of reader you need. They have a diverse range of readers with different psychic reading styles, skills, and types.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Kasamba for More Information

#2. Keen – Very Experienced & Top-Rated Psychic Readers

Each psychic reading site has its own specialization and key strengths. Keen has a modern interface and has listed some very affordable readers on its platform. Keen focuses on hiring new but very talented readers so you can get help with your budget.

Even the experienced readers listed on Keen are not very expensive. In addition to that, the first three minutes of free psychic reading really helps you get a feel for the reader and make a decision on whether you want to go ahead with the full psychic reading.

So, is Keen really that good? Well, we did book a few psychic readings and found that each reader has a different style. You have to read their profile information thoroughly before picking a service. They were really accurate and some of their predictions have already come true. But, you may have a preferred style of reading that a certain reader could be better at.

Of course, their online psychic services are quite diverse. You can also find spiritual wisdom and learn about your life lessons and plans from their psychic readings. If you need instant help or support to deal with grief or a life complication, you can book readings 24/7 and get advice from a top-rated psychic online.

Different psychics offer readings through different mediums. So, you get to check out first if a reader has the option you prefer. You can get readings through email, live chat, and even on a phone call.


Keen has some of the top psychics listed in every category like mediumship, tarot, love & relationship, life questions, financial outlook, and others.

The common questions people ask from readers on Keen include ‘How to get through a breakup?’, ‘What career path to choose?’, ‘Should I stay with my current partner?’, ‘How to grow my business?’, ‘Will my health improve?’, and so on. These are very important questions, and many readers on Keen specialize in these types of readings.


  • Readers with a variety of skills and specialties
  • More affordable psychic reading online options are available
  • Reader’s profile has plenty of information
  • First three minutes free when you book reading for the first time
  • Daily horoscopes also available


  • Do not offer video readings
  • Not enough bilingual readers on this platform

Who Should Book a Reading on Keen?

Keen is best suited for those who want to go through an extensive and diverse list of psychic readers before making up their minds. Keen offers multiple options to those looking for a specific style of reading in their budget.

There is a great variety of budget options on Keen. With our personal experience on Keen, we realized most of the readers are very kind and understanding. Those with good ratings are very friendly and try their best to help you out.

It is common for some people to not be able to express their problems. They do not know what is causing them a certain discomfort and why. If you cannot figure out your own emotions, Keen has psychics who are Empaths and can pick up on your deeper emotions even when you are unable to do so.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Keen for More Information

#3. AskNow – Best for Career-Related Questions

Another amazing platform for affordable online psychic readings is AskNow. The best part is you can get psychic readings from masters with decades of experience. AskNow focuses on connecting you with their most talented and seasoned readers so you can receive the help you need.

This psychic reading online platform may seem quite basic, but the content is rich and their online psychic reading services are very reliable. You will not find scammers here, as the readers are hired through a filtering process that assures only authentic psychics are listed on their website.

AskNow has managed to retain the best psychic readers over time. This is fortunate for us, who do not want to waste our time and money on bogus readers.


Psychics on AskNow can give you accurate and elaborate online psychic readings to questions like ‘What is my life’s calling?’, ‘Will I have children?’, ‘When will I meet the love of my life?’, ‘Where is my pet in the afterlife?’, and so on.

You can easily find psychics with different abilities that can give you a clear answer to your queries about life. You can try out their online psychic services by using the first five free minutes. A beep will alert you when you are about to extend the limit.


  • You can book psychic readings online for as low as $1 per minute
  • Psychics’ profile page also mentions their credentials
  • 24/7 customer support
  • First five minutes are free when you sign up


  • Does not have a search filter
  • You need to add a payment method before claiming free minutes

Who Should Book a Reading from AskNow?

If you want to avoid less experienced psychics altogether and want to try elite psychics at lower rates, you should give this website a try. It is a simple platform that connects you with genuine readers with a variety of skills.

Even those with more than 30 years of experience offer services at affordable rates on AskNow. If you need comprehensive online psychic readings but have a lower budget, this should meet your expectations pretty well. It has a simple user interface that lets you book and receive readings through call.

⇒Visit the Official Website of AskNow for More Information

#4. Oranum – Best Live Video Reading Platform

For those who complain about not being able to find readings through video calls, here is what you need. We looked up several such sites that claimed to offer video readings. The only problem with most other sites was they did not have enough listings, and most of their psychics were not so skilled.

After a significant amount of research, we decided to test Oranum. We decided to try out different categories of reading to get a complete idea of how reliable this platform is. Though each reading was delivered in a different tone and manner, the accuracy was undeniable.

This is a video reading site you can actually trust. The customer service is also very prompt in case you need clarification about their services or if you are not able to understand certain features of the site.

The first thing you see about a psychic is their large-sized picture. A picture can help you feel better if a reader would be right for you. If you feel drawn to a certain reader, he or she is probably the right reader for you. But, you can still read their other details from the profile page. You can receive readings through phone, message, as well as on a live video call.


It offers a wide range of services like messages from spirit guides, tarot reading, astrology, advice on family and career, pet psychics, and so on.

The platform lets you message the psychics for free before you book a paid reading. If you have questions about the reading process, style, or skills of the psychics, the chatting option is a really convenient feature.

Oranum offers several sound healing methods. You can receive healing items such as chakra, crystal, rune, reiki, and many others.

Also, you can easily find bilingual or multilingual psychics on Oranum. Readers that speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, Hungarian, Chinese, or Portuguese are available on this platform.


  • Free psychic reading online for new customers on sign up
  • Diverse range of psychics from all over the world
  • Bilingual live psychics are available
  • The live video reading feature works perfectly
  • Clicking on the ‘Top 100’ tab, you can access the list of their best psychics


  • Phone readings are not available
  • Credit system can be quite confusing

Who Should Book a Reading on Oranum?

If you prefer live video readings over phone readings, Oranum is probably the best psychic reading site for you. It has plenty of experienced and gifted readers from all over the world.

The main reason we added this name to our list is that the site has plenty of modern features for a convenient reading experience. Also, the psychic community on this site is very professional and efficient. Choosing one of the top 100 readers on this site with your preferred specialization can guarantee an amazing psychic reading.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Onarum for More Information

#5. Mysticsense – Best for Informative Purposes

Here is a psychic reading platform with perhaps the best user interface that lets you easily search for the best reader for your immediate needs. If you do not want to waste your time and book a reading right away from genuine and skilled readers, Mysticsense could be perfect.

A wonderful thing about this site is you can receive the reading through call, chat, and even through live video. This allows you to pick the mode of reading based on your personal preference. Not every reader offers readings through all of these modes, so you need to check this information for each reader before booking a reading.

The search filters help you find psychics with your preferred reading style, skills, and tools. There are plenty of top-rated psychics to choose from. The reader’s profile page has abundant information about their approach to readings and their style. We hired a few readers with different styles to see if they were good in their niche.

There are some excellent features to make it easy for you to find psychics. For instance, the platform will display other similar readers when you visit the profile page of a psychic. There is elaborate information on the profile page to help you choose the right one. Mysticsense is also one of the most affordable reading sites.


Readings are offered in a diverse range of subjects like psychology, career, relationship, astrology, tarot, spirituality, etc. You can also ask questions about your life’s direction. Psychics will help you find clarity about your path and also predict future events so you can prepare in advance.

There are very educational articles on Mysticsense. You can read articles about Aura reading and dream analysis. There is tons of wisdom on the site that will ultimately help you choose the perfect reader for your situation.

You can also search psychics by their specialties. This is a pretty long list, and we do not think there are any special skills you will not find here. The list of special skills includes finding lost objects, toxic relationships, LGBTQ relationships, cheating & affairs, breakup divorce, pet readings, soul mates, career path, and so on.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Filter psychics based on their skills, style, and tools they use
  • Very affordable rates even for their top-rated readers
  • Five minutes of free reading on sign up
  • Readings are available through call, chat, and video


  • No cons for this website

Who Should Book a Reading on Mysticsense?

We find this to be a balanced site rich in reading categories, easy search function, and several readers with good ratings. Our own experience with readings on this website helped us realize this is a no-nonsense website, where anyone looking for accurate readings at reasonable rates will find satisfaction.

So, if you need readings in any special or general category, and want to find the right psychic without wasting time searching from an overwhelming list of readers, this site will be good for you.

Mysticsense is probably the best site for finding a specific kind of psychic reader for you that you can easily afford. You should also not miss out on the free educational content on the website.

⇒Visit the Official Website of Mysticsense for More Information

How Did We Find the Top Psychic Reading Sites?

If you pick the first psychic reading site that comes up in a Google search, you are exposing yourself to scams. It is not the way to find authentic psychics online. The majority of these psychic reading sites are just there to swindle money from you by posing as legitimate sites.

But, we did find a number of authentic sites with some hard research. We followed a set of rules to select the best reading sites and reject the ones designed to scam you. Here is how we did it.

We Checked the Sites That Offer Free Psychic Reading Online

No, none of the genuine sites offer completely free psychic reading online. But, some of these online psychic reading sites let you receive a few minutes of free readings when you first sign up. This helped us check for psychics that were accurate in their psychic readings.

It also helped us find if the reviews on the psychic reading website were genuine. So, when a psychic delivered highly accurate and relevant information, it confirmed to us that the ratings were not fake.

When Was the Website Registered?

One can easily find the age of a website domain name. It is easier to trust online psychic reading sites that have been in existence for a long time and still have good customer reviews. This, at least, helps us avoid websites that repetitively buy new domains just to scam people.

Some of the online psychic reading services we reviewed are more than 20 years old. You can find very experienced psychics on these psychic reading online platforms. Top psychics often join these websites and are available for psychic readings. Our list consists of sites where you can find both new and experienced psychics.

Genuine Readers Provide Clear Answers

We discovered that those posing as genuine psychics often try to please you by saying what you want to hear. Often, they may say something that might not mean anything but still sound like a reading.

On the other hand, a genuine and truly gifted psychic would give you clear and meaningful messages. This is something we realized after getting psychic readings from some of the best, top-rated psychics on authentic psychic reading sites.

You can try free psychic reading online on the most reputable psychic reading platforms and see if the reader speaks clearly or if he is simply playing with words. A psychic might not always say what you expect them to tell you. But, what they say should make sense to you. It should resonate at some level with your heart, and it should not be confusing.

Are the Customer Reviews Genuine?

Is there a way to find if reviews are legitimate? Scam sites themselves create fake reviews. But, how else can you find good readers on a psychic reading website? First, we checked the reviews for an online psychic reading platform on third-party websites. If we find a sufficient number of positive reviews on these sites, we decided to give it a try.

If every single review is 100% positive, it is a possibility that the reviews may not be authentic. So, when we noticed all of the reviews were excellent, we decided to get a psychic reading from that psychic and find out if he or she was really gifted. In some cases, it turned out the reviews were totally real, and the reader was incredibly accurate.

What Do Beginners Need to Know About Psychic Reading?

You probably do not know what to expect from a psychic reading. A reader is someone who would advise you on various life issues you are dealing with and bring more clarity to you about your life path or about the causes behind a situation. The best psychics always offer advice on finding your way forward.

Now, psychic readers might use cards to get messages for you, or they may have other gifts allowing them to receive messages directly through extrasensory perception. They will either hear or see messages for you that ordinary people cannot.

As long as they provide accurate and meaningful information to you, it really does not matter what tools they use. Each psychic specializes in a different category of reading. Some of the psychics will bring very accurate information while others will focus more on the psychological solutions to improve your life. Each reader follows a different style.

How to Choose a Psychic Reader From These Online Platforms?

Before choosing a reader, you must know what kind of solution you are looking for. Do you need to find ways to heal from a painful event? Are you looking for clarity about your life path? Do you want to know how things will turn out for you in the future?

These questions will help you realize what kind of reading to go with. Some of the common options are astrology predictions, life path reading, relationship reading, fortune reading, mediumship, lost object, and several more.

Once you have figured out the category, think about how you want the reading to be delivered. What is your preferred style and mode of delivery? Do you want hard facts or do you prefer a more gentle way? If you are really dealing with something stressful or if you experience depression, it is best to find a more gentle reader.

Finally, you need to find an online psychic reading platform where readings are available through your preferred mode. It could be a call, chat, or live video.

FAQs About Online Psychic Readings

  1. Can I get a free psychic reading?

You can get a few minutes of free readings on all of the major platforms. You can find out how you connect with the reader and if they are able to bring meaningful messages for you through the reading. You should only continue with the paid reading if you have a good experience during those free minutes.

A lot of reputed reading sites offer affordable rates. We have selected a few sites that charge low rates even if you book a reading from their top psychics.

  1. What can a psychic reader tell about me?

The kind of information a reader can get about you will depend on their skill and abilities. Some can help you figure out the root cause of your emotional issues or a recurring pattern in your life. Others that have visual abilities can even find lost objects for you.

Readers can help tap into your emotions, predict future events in your life to an extent, and uncover deeper learning related to your career path or relationship. Even if you are unable to express yourself, a reader will understand what you are going through and find out information that will promote your healing and growth.

Conclusion: Should You Try Online Psychic Reading Sites?

If you feel stuck in life or cannot see the path to grow in life, a psychic reading can help you understand the deeper meaning behind circumstance and also a way forward. It could be related to your love relation, career goals, legal complication, or something else holding you back from enjoying your life. Reading definitely helps get a better understanding of it all.

Several people have been able to find solutions to their practical problems through readings. There are dozens of varieties of readings to help you through different kinds of life challenges. A really gifted reader can bring clarity to your mind so you can make better decisions ahead.

Realizing the importance of authentic reading sites, we have done our best to create a list of the most reliable and user-friendly psychic reading websites for you. A lot of people who used to search for ‘psychics near me’ are now receiving online readings from the comfort of their own homes.