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Twelve After Twelve Opens in Dupont Tonight

Twelve After Twelve takes over the space formerly occupied by Eighteenth Street Lounge.
Dan About Town

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Twelve After Twelve opens Wednesday at 9 PM in the Dupont Circle location formerly occupied by Eighteenth Street Lounge, which plans to reopen in Blagden Alley. The latest club from the Babylon Group takes its name from both its address (1212 18th Street, NW) and the “angel numbers” (repeating sequences of numbers) contained therein.

One of Twelve After Twelve’s many DJ booths, complete with its own vinyl collection.

Spanning 8,152 square feet with four dance floors (each with its own dedicated DJ booth), five bars, and a large outdoor patio area complete with retractable roof, Twelve After Twelve is designed to offer a little something for everyone. Music Director Saeed Younan is striving to promote a diverse mix of musical genres from local artists and bands, including funk, disco, soul, hip-hop, acid jazz, downtempo, reggae, house, and live Latin and jazz music.

Several bar areas can be cordoned off or individually opened for private events or to accommodate large concert crowds.

Despite catering to such a broad audience, owner Beau Biabani didn’t skimp on quality. iDesign Productions was enlisted to equip the venue’s interior with a powerful Das Audio sound system for the inside and a Funktion-One system for the outdoor deck.

Local artist David London created and built the mirror/clock sculpture at the center of the “Red Room”, while April Gomez and Kristy Cole co-designed the space.

“I’m so proud of our team that has worked so hard to bring this venue to life during a year in which it was unknown if we would ever get to the end of the tunnel,” Biabani says. “It has been a labor of love that has been embraced by DC-based artists, artisans, designers, contractors, and musicians to keep the musical beat of our city alive.”