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Woody Harrelson Apparently Punched a Man at the Watergate Hotel

The actor was acting in self-defense, according to witness accounts

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Woody Harrelson punched a man last night on the roof of the Watergate Hotel, according to NBC Washington. According to witness reports, the actor was acting in self-defense.

Police were called to the Top of the Gate rooftop bar around 11 PM, where, according to police, a man had been taking photos of Harrelson and his daughter, then allegedly lunged at Harrelson when he came over to ask him to delete the photos. Harrelson punched the man in what police are describing as self-defense. No charges have so far been filed.

Harrelson is in town filming HBO’s The White House Plumbers, which is based on a memoir by Egil “Bud” Krogh. The series has been filming downtown in recent weeks, littering the area around the White House with classic cars and transforming a nearby Peets Coffee into Nixon campaign headquarters.


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