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Donald Trump Book Signed for Rudy Giuliani Sells at Auction for $54k

Plus: three unconventional auction items signed by former presidents.

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A Trump book bearing a personalized message from the 45th president to Rudy Giuliani sold at auction on Wednesday for $54,143. Listed by RR Auction, the copy of the America We Deserve features a brief note written in January 2000. At the time, Giuliani was serving as mayor of New York while Trump was preparing for his first presidential campaign. The inscription reads:

Jan 2000 —

To Rudy —

The best mayor N.Y.C. has ever had! I promise never to run against you —


Although Giuliani is the original owner of the book, the identity of the seller is unknown.

Not every artifact signed by a president yields big bucks, but there is a market for such paraphernalia. In fact, RR Auctions has an entire section dedicated to presidents and First Ladies. Here are three more unconventional auctions items bearing a former executive’s signature:

Finland stamps signed by Ronald Reagan

The stamps commemorating the 50th anniversary of Finland’s independence cost five cents each—unless you’re buying a sheet with Ronald Reagan’s autograph. A block of four stamps signed by the Gipper were auctioned off for $334.

A check for Abraham Lincoln’s brother-in-law 

A week after clinching the Republican nomination for the presidency, Lincoln wrote a check to his brother-in-law for $122.75. Bearing the 16th president’s John Hancock, the document sold for $35,255, a price tag that is $35,132.25 more than the amount written on the check.

George H.W. Bush lobster letter 

The elder Bush was VP when he penned a letter to Maine senator William Cohen about an issue of pressing importance for the state: lobsters. Responding to concerns over the importation of Canadian lobsters, Bush wrote: “I share with you a concern to protect the breeding of our American lobsters.” The signed letter sold for $250.


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