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IMPORTANT: Watch Xiao Qi Ji Play in the Snow

The young panda had a terrific time during Snowmicron.

Photo courtesy of Smithsonian's National Zoo.

It feels increasingly less accurate to call Xiao Qi Ji DC’s Baby Panda—but the one-and-a-half-year old displayed a childlike sense of fun when he ventured out into the snow Monday. In the video below, the Smithsonian’s National Zoo resident attempts several somersaults before commando crawling/sliding down a slope in his habitat, then tries to keep the fun going with another giant panda.

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Xiao Qi Ji’s first snow day was a much more chill affair. But that was almost a year ago, and like most of us, he’s probably going a little stir-crazy. Slide, Xiao Qi Ji, slide.

Video courtesy Smithsonian’s National Zoo.

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