More Snow Is Coming, So Naturally, Area Grocery Shelves Have Been Picked Clean

Serious 2020 vibes over here.

The Adams Morgan Harris-Teeter last week. Photograph by Naomi Paiss.

Grocery-store shortages are nothing new, especially since the pandemic and supply-chain crisis. But shelves have seemed especially barren this week, when Washington was faced with winter’s first snowstorm—and the prospect of more snow coming tonight. At some stores—like at the Westbard Giant and Sangamore Safeway in Bethesda—entire milk sections were nearly wiped out. If you were dreaming of spending your snow day making soup and thus looking for chicken stock, you were out of luck at the Glover Park Trader Joe’s. And no spring onions or chives at the Giant in Kentlands, or chicken at an Annapolis Giant! Toilet paper is also back in high demand. Here’s what else folks are seeing:



Lauren Mccaffrey
Editorial Fellow