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Bill Barr Has a Book Deal

"One Damn Thing After Another," a memoir of working in the Bush I and Trump administrations, is due in March.

Attorney General William Barr and President Trump in the Oval Office. (Photo courtesy the White House.)

Former US Attorney General William Barr will publish a memoir of his time in the George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump administrations in March. It’s called One Damn Thing After Another.

The book, publisher William Morrow says in a press release, “takes readers behind the scenes during seminal moments of the Bush administration in the 1990s, from the LA riots to Pan Am 103 and Iran Contra. With the Trump administration, Barr faced an unrelenting barrage of issues, such as Russiagate, the opioid epidemic, Chinese espionage, big tech, the COVID outbreak, civil unrest, the first impeachment, and the 2020 election fallout.”

After Trump supporters rioted at the US Capitol last January in an attempt to illegally turn over the election Trump lost, Barr called the then President’s behavior “inexcusable” and said his conduct “was a betrayal of his office and supporters.”

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