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Three Things to Know About the Jeff Bezos Super Yacht

The Washington Post owner's very big boat is a record-breaker.

Photograph by Evy Mages

You may have heard the news Friday that a bridge in the Dutch city of Rotterdam might have to be taken apart so that a mega yacht reportedly owned by Jeff Bezos can reach the sea. According to various news outlets, the Oceanco shipyard, which builds custom yachts including the one commissioned by Bezos, submitted the request to dismantle the bridge. The city of Rotterdam is still weighing whether to grant it. The bridge in question is historic, plus it underwent a major renovation in 2017, at which point officials promised it would never again be deconstructed. While they mull it over, let’s learn a little bit about this very big, very fancy boat.

1. The Bezos boat will be the world’s largest sailing super-yacht.

The yacht measures 127 meters in length, which is about 57 feet longer than a football field. According to Boat International, it’s a three-masted schooner, constructed of aluminum and steel, set to be completed this summer.

2. It probably cost more than $500 million to build.

The yacht’s price tag, according to Bloomberg, includes its own “support yacht” with a helipad.

3. When it’s done, the yacht will dethrone current record-holder, Sea Cloud.

Sea Cloud, currently the world’s largest sailing yacht, happened to be built for another uber-wealthy Washingtonian. The ship was commissioned for heiress and philanthropist Marjorie Merriweather Post back in the 1930s.

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