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DC’s Messy Bald Eagle Family Is Expecting

The drama-junkie symbols of our country laid two eggs last week. A third could be on the way. But where is First Lady???

Photograph courtesy of the American Eagle Foundation .

It’s been several long years since DC’s celebrity bald eagles laid eggs. That finally changed late last week. 

Any new eaglets that arrive will follow some reality-show-worthy events in the nest at the US National Arboretum. (DC eagles are notorious for drama.) As Valentine’s Day 2021 approached, the eagles, Mr. President and the First Lady, had spent seven years together. But First Lady left on the holiday for romance, just as a younger eagle came to town—Lotus, aka Lady of the United States. Lotus swooped in, claiming broken-hearted Mr. President as her sweetheart and making herself at home. Less than 24 hours after the departure of his longtime ex-lover, Mr. President was seen cuddling and intimately sharing food with the new talent. Now that’s a quick turnaround!

First Lady hasn’t been seen since. 

Shortly after celebrating their one year anniversary, Lotus laid her first egg. The American Eagle Foundation made the long awaited announcement on Friday: The egg was laid at 5:05 PM Thursday, according to Executive Director Jessica Hall. As of Sunday evening, the mother-to-be laid a second egg. There is talk of a potential third, as eagles typically lay one to three eggs, according to the National Eagle Center. Around 35 days after the laying, a wild eaglet is expected to hatch. 

To stay up to date with the latest dramas in the eagle world and to keep track of the egg-hatching process, check out the American Eagle Foundation’s live cam

Lauren Mccaffrey
Editorial Fellow