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The Best Reactions to the Ongoing Truckers Convoy

People still don't know whether to be confused or angry, or if they should just laugh.

Trucks on the Beltway. Photograph by Flickr user Stephen Melkisethian.

The “People’s Convoy” circled the Capital Beltway yet again Tuesday. While participants looped the highway, organizers met with US Senators Ron Johnson and Ted Cruz to discuss vaccine mandates. Other truckers met with lawmakers including US Representatives Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Though hundreds of trucks took part in Tuesday’s lap around the Beltway, the traffic impact was minimal. According to the People’s Convoy website, today’s round trip was canceled due to “weather related safety concerns.” (It’s raining.)

The rain may stop the convoy, but it can’t stop convoy takes.




Not to mention the insane costs–especially gas–of traveling cross-country to protest against COVID mandates that have been lifted.


Locals seem unfazed by the convoy’s efforts. Let’s not forget, traffic is not a foreign concept for these city drivers.




Some Washingtonians were actually willing to get caught up in the traffic to express exactly how they felt.


Lauren Mccaffrey
Editorial Fellow