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DC Is Giving Teachers $200 to Bike to Work

The "Get Paid to Pedal" program is back for a second year.

Photo by jmmf via iStock.

The city of DC wants to help school employees pay for new bikes.

The “Get Paid to Pedal” program from the District’s goDCgo initiative offers up to $200 to teachers and other staff to spend on bicycles used for commuting. Last year, the program helped 107 people pay for bikes. Employees of all schools in the District–public, charter, and private–are eligible.

This year’s program will last until funds run out. Employees can get reimbursed for bikes bought up to six months prior. To apply, upload a photo of the receipt for your bike to the site and fill out this form. (Participants will be asked to fill out periodic questionnaires about their riding frequency and commuting experiences.)

Visit goDCgo’s website for more information.

David Tran
Editorial Fellow