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Photos: Trucker Convoy Makes Its Way Through DC

To the annoyance of residents, the truckers showed up throughout the city on Friday.

A representative of the "nonpartisan" convoy on the Beltway. Photograph by Flickr user Stephen Melkisethian.

The “People’s Convoy” has made its way into DC. The trucker caravan, which has been in the area since early March, has been seen—and heard—throughout the District late this week, with residents documenting the vehicles around town. On Friday, DC police seemed to be escorting some of them. Here are a few of the places they’ve been spotted so far today.

Friendship Heights

Downtown around Penn Quarter

At Capital One Arena

H Street, Northwest, near the White House



And most disturbingly: Black Lives Matter Plaza
During a rally Friday morning, as reported by the Daily Beast, a speaker with the convoy declared they were going to “take back” Black Lives Matter Plaza, and that it would get “tar and feathered.” Trucks arrived at the plaza later in the day.

Tori Bergel
Editorial Fellow