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DC’s Newest Eaglet Is Named “DC9,” and DC9 (the Nightclub) Is Celebrating

By cosmic coincidence, the nightspot and baby eagle share a name—for now.

Photo by Hannah Swearman at DC9.

The National Arboretum’s latest baby bald eagle, DC9, fully hatched last night! Woohoo! For those who want to celebrate (or are looking for an excuse to party mid-week), go perch at the nightclub that bears the same name: DC9. The club is offering eagle-themed specials throughout the week.

By cosmic coincidence, the nightclub—located on Ninth Street, Northwest—and the baby eagle—the ninth one to hatch in this particular nest—share the same name, for now at least. The American Eagle Foundation is in the process of planning a naming campaign and will release details once finalized. However, Bill Spieler, the owner of DC9, is hoping the feathered babe keeps its current name. “Who wouldn’t want a bald eagle to have the same name as your business?” he says.

When Spieler found out that DC9 was hatching yesterday, he says he “scrambled”—“egg pun intended,” he adds—to celebrate. Last night, the club’s first floor televisions livestreamed the nest, home to DC’s beloved bald eagle pair Mr. President and LOTUS. “When we started to see the egg crack open, we were like, “Look, look, look!” said Spieler.

But the party hasn’t ended. The club will continue to livestream the nest and offer eagle-themed specials through Friday. Munch on $4 deviled eggs and toast to new life with DC9’s special Bald Eagle cocktail, a celebratory mix of Espolòn tequila, pink grapefruit, cranberry juice, lime juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup.

While you’re there, take part in an Eagle Egg hunt. The club has placed nine hidden eggs throughout the first floor. Find them all and get $1 off your tab.


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Jessica Ruf
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