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DC-Area April Fools Jokes: Still Not Very Funny

At best, a few elicited a light chuckle.

Every year, PR folks and a smattering of government agencies decide for one day that they are funny. And every year, they’re pretty much not. Here are some April Fools tweets from around the region, some of which do merit a light chuckle but most of which just deserve a resigned sigh.

1/10: This did not entice us to follow.

3/10: We had to think too hard to get the joke but did enjoy the reply—”I’ll see you in court”—from Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron.

6/10: We can’t believe some poor graphic designer had to create this fake rendering, but it does look pretty good.

1/10: Not that funny since DC-based LaCroix flavors are pretty meh anyway.

4/10: Sort of clever. This one loses points because they responded with a picture of the calendar date after someone QT’d them taking the tweet seriously. You don’t get to dunk on people for misunderstanding when you post fake things.

5/10: This made us go ‘yikes,’ but we enjoyed the zingers in the fake text.

Honorable mention: not local, but did improve our day. Thanks, Herbert.

Kayla Benjamin
Assistant Editor