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Which Local Transit Systems Still Require Masks?

It's best to call ahead before you board.

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Washington’s Metro system made masks optional Monday after a federal judge in Florida overturned a national mandate that they be worn on public transit. That decision means local transportation systems can now set their own policies. The ruling appears to have taken many public transit systems in the DC area by surprise; while their websites still tout a requirement, press releases and phone calls to the systems will sometimes yield the news that face coverings are now optional. Here are the policies at local transit systems and services as of Tuesday morning:


Masks are now optional on DASH and on King Street Trolleys, the system announced Tuesday.


We couldn’t find any official announcement from Arlington Transit, but a customer service representative told us over the phone that masks are no longer required.

DC Circulator:

Nothing official yet. A customer service representative had no information but suggested we pack a mask if we plan to ride.


Masks are no longer required on Fairfax Connector service, a customer service rep says, but they’re still recommended.


Masks are no longer required, a customer service rep told us Tuesday.


Masks are optional as of Tuesday.

Prince George’s:

No information was immediately available about TheBus, though the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works & Transportation’s Twitter account retweeted the news about Metro.

Silver Spring:

No info yet about Ride On buses.

Virginia Railway Express:

Masks are no longer required, the commuter-rail service says.

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