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Which DC Area Schools Still Require Masks?

Policies vary widely this year.

Unlike last year, there is now little consistency when it comes to school masking policies. In some cases, mask requirements even change from building to building. Here’s where local schools stand when it comes to face coverings:

Colleges and Universities

American University:
Masks are required in classrooms, but remain optional in most campus locations. 

Catholic University:
Masks are optional on campus, but are required in public spaces of residential dorms and healthcare facilities.

Gallaudet University:
Masks are optional in all campus buildings.

George Mason University:
Masks are not required, except in healthcare facilities.

Georgetown University:
Masks are optional in University-owned buildings—with some big exceptions. Face coverings are still required for indoor classrooms and laboratories, on University-sponsored public transportation, and in healthcare facilities. 

George Washington University:
Masks are required inside all GWU buildings.

Howard University:
Masks are no longer required on campus.

Montgomery College:
Masks are optional inside college buildings and facilities, but are still required in classrooms.

University of the District of Columbia:
Masks required for all indoor spaces.

University of Maryland:
Effective Monday, August 29, masks will not be required indoors, except for in patient care areas.


Public School Systems

Masks are optional in school and on school buses. 

Arlington County:
Masks are optional.

Masks are optional. 

Fairfax County:
Masks are optional.

Loudoun County:
Masks are optional.

Montgomery County:
Masks are optional (they’ll be provided for students upon request).

Prince George’s County:
Masks are required.

Prince William County:
Masks are required for students and adults in Head Start pre-K classrooms, but are optional for all other students, staff, and visitors.

Sophia Young
Editorial Fellow