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DC Effing Sucks at Swearing: Study

Residents of ten other US cities cuss more. WTF???

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Washington, DC, ranks only 11th on a list of US cities where people swear the most, according to what we are sure is a completely scientific survey by the language-education platform Preply.

Columbus, Ohio, holds the top rating on Preply’s list: Residents there use profanity an average of 36 times a day, the company found. DC residents curse an average of 22 times per day, the company found. That’s impressive, but it’s a long way behind Las Vegas (30 times per day); Jacksonville (28); Oklahoma City, Dallas, Philadelphia, and Indianapolis (tied at 25); and San Francisco, Fort Worth, and Louisville (24).

The least cussy city in the US is Phoenix, followed closely by Portland, Oregon, and Boston,  a town known for gentle behavior and a level of civilization unknown to those of us down here in the frickin’ swamp.

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