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A Gig at Lego Is DC’s Hottest Job Opening

Want to apply? Brick-building skills are not required.

Photograph by Flickr user Andrea.

For government types who happen to love Lego, the perfect job awaits: This morning’s Playbook brings news that the toy-brick behemoth is hiring a government and public affairs director in DC. Though it’s not exactly every kid’s dream job of designing Legos, this is as close as you’re likely to come if you’re based in our area.  

Job duties include developing Lego’s strategy on environmental and market access policy issues, monitoring legislation and regulation issues, and working with industry associations. To qualify, you’ll need a “minimum 10 years’ experience in driving government and public affairs programs within global organizations or government institutions.” What else? According to the job listing, “in Government & Public Affairs, we have a purpose that we live by: be the purveyors of the magic, calming seas and shaping play-filled futures!” We don’t know what that means, but it seems like more fun than a lot of lobbying gigs. Could “purveyor of magic” go on your business card? 

The listing does not mention anything about Lego-building skills, so there’s no need to dig out your old Black Knight’s Castle set to brush up. But if you’re looking for inspiration while filling out your application, check out this model of the National Mall, constructed by master Lego builder Wayne Tyler. Starting out with two official sets of the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol, he built a model of the rest of the area himself. In 2019, Tyler displayed his progress, complete with original models of the Washington Monument, National Museum of African American History and Culture, and other landmarks.  

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Even though the lucky winner of this position won’t spend their days playing with blocks, they will get to participate in Lego’s Play Day, an annual company event in which employees get to build Lego creations. Plus there’s the greatest perk of all: telling people at parties that you work at Lego.

Katie Kenny
Editorial Fellow