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DC May Be in for a Warmer—But Snowier!—Winter

New season forecasts are out.

A new round of winter weather predictions recently came out, and while there’s no major blizzard in these early forecasts, the DC area may see a snowstorm or two, maybe even a big one.

Snow lovers might recall last year’s lackluster winter, with its measly 13.7 inches—half of which came from a single January storm that left drivers stranded on I-95 for hours. This year, FOX5 predicts that our winter season will be warmer, but there also might be heavier snowfall. It estimates between nine and 18 inches of flakes this season, with the possibility of above-normal numbers highest in the immediate DC area. There will be cold snaps, but general temperatures will be one to three degrees above average.

WUSA9‘s Weather Watch Team says the region will see two small to moderate snows, one big snowstorm, and one possible ice event. They’re estimating 17 inches of snow at National Airport, 23 inches at Dulles Airport, 22 inches in Fairfax and Rockville, and 15 inches in Bowie.

Snow fans will be excited by Almanac’s prediction, which sees below-normal temperatures and above-average precipitation all season long, especially throughout January. Almanac is also predicting snow during both Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks.








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