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PHOTOS: Cafe Milano’s 30th Anniversary Celebration

The Georgetown hotspot marked its 30th anniversary with a blowout celebration that welcomed hundreds of longtime guests.

Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuschese welcomes guests to the restaurant's 30th anniversary celebration.
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When Franco Nuschese first opened the doors to Cafe Milano on November 3, 1992, little did he know the adventure upon which he was embarking. Tables at the Georgetown restaurant quickly became one of the hottest tickets in town. And in the following decades, everyone from presidents to the Pope have dined at the elegant yet unassuming eatery on Prospect Street. At its 30th anniversary celebration on November 11, Cafe Milano temporarily took over the surrounding sidewalks and courtyard (and even had the police close the entire block) for a massive birthday party that drew hundreds of its regulars.

Franco Nuschese and Wolf Blitzer.
A hole had to be cut into the brick wall lining Cafe Milano’s Domingo Patio in order to accommodate the party’s crowds.
Gayle Conelly Manchin, Senator Joe Manchin, Andy Oros, and Semafor Editor at Large Steve Clemons.
CNN Chairman & CEO Chris Licht and BGR Group Managing Director David Urban.
Robert Allbritton, Congresswoman Debbie Dingell, and Dr. Elena Allbritton.
Bob Woodward playfully kisses his wife, Elsa Walsh, on the cheek.
Russ Ramsey with Jean-Marie and Raul Fernandez.
CNN anchor Kaitlan Collins and Advoc8’s John Legittino.
Both donkey and elephant sculptures greeted guests on arrival to help symbolize Cafe Milano’s bipartisan clientele.
Franco Nuschese, Gayle Conelly Manchin, Senator Joe Manchin, and Hilary Rosen.
ABC News’ Jonathan Karl, who served as the evening’s emcee, with Maria Karl.
Pete Kalamoutsos, Melissa Cook, and Zach Leonsis.
Vinoda Basnayake, Nikki Braden, Kendrick Ashton Jr., Amanda McClements, and Alex Marquardt.
Charles Roxburgh, British Ambassador Karen Pierce, Motion Picture Association CEO Charles Rivkin, and Susan Tolson.
Heather and Ryan Zimmerman.
Signed Cafe Milano memorabilia lined the courtyard corridor, including this menu autographed by actor Bradley Cooper.
Samira Baraki and BET co-founder Robert Johnson.
Jazz harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet and his band provided the night’s entertainment.
Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts President Christian Clerc and Paul Guzzardo.
Ella Rue co-owner Alexa Johnson.
Anita and Tim McBride.
Linda Awkard, Frédéric Yonnet, Gwen Russell, and Donna Limerick.
Sela and Art Collins.
A decorative ice luge.
Event planner Josie Taylor, Ella Rue co-owner Krista Johnson, and SPARROW Executive Jets VP Paris Pope.
Adrienne Elrod and Marc Adelman.
Tripp and Amy Donnelly with Anastasia and David Tafuri.
Four Seasons Hotel Washington, DC Senior General Manager Marc Bromley and Katie Bromley.
Nina Snow with Curtis and Amanda Polk.
Chesley Wiseman, Paris Pope, and Gracie MacKinnon.
John Legittino and Lauren Pratapas Legittino.
Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuschese, Citi Open owner Mark Ein, and Cafe Milano manager Laurent Menoud.
In honor of Veterans Day, Cafe Milano donated (and encouraged guests to donate) to three organizations supporting veterans and military families: Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation, Blue Star Families, and Dog Tag Bakery.
Ashley Taylor Bronczek, Ambassador Lloyd Hand, and Catherine Hand.
Brooke Brogan and Mission Group co-founder Fritz Brogan.
Lyndon Boozer and Yebbie Watkins.
Genny Ryan and Washington Post publisher Fred Ryan.
Christine Grady, Anthony Fauci, and Laurent Menoud,
Catherine Reynolds, former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, and Wayne Reynolds.
Rapper Doug E. Fresh took the stage for a surprise performance.
Ray Regan and Zach Leighton.
Cafe Milano owner Franco Nuschese.
Newt Gingrich, Bret and Amy Baier, Callista Gingrich, and Terry McAuliffe.
Paxton Baker, Janell Snowden, and Doug E. Fresh.
President Joe Biden sent a congratulatory letter from The White House.
Dr. Peter Rinaldi and Andrea Rinaldi.
Justin Freeh and David Urban.
One of the night’s food stations.
Samantha Sault and Matt Lauer.
Many veterans and their families were invited to the party, which was coincidentally held on Veterans Day.
Doug and Holly Kammerer.
Kellyanne Conway dances with Franco Nuschese.
Jonathan Silver and Melissa Moss.
Senator Roy Blunt, Abigail Perlman, Rhoda Glickman, and Dan Glickman.