This New DC Wine Club Specializes in Bubbles Only

Sparkle-ist delivers fun fizz to your doorstep.

Photograph courtesy of NotJane Studio.

Lieven DeGeyndt wants the world to see the everyday side of sparkling wine. With his new DC-based wine club Sparkle-ist, the former nightlife entrepreneur is curating bottles from around the world to dismantle the stereotype of pretension. “It’s the most fun wine club you can belong to because it’s all about bubbles,” he says.

DeGeyndt caught the bug for sparkling wine while running now-closed DC nightlife venues like Eyebarr and Buzz. He has also spent time working as a DJ, and currently owns a gym, Petworth Fitness. But he always had a passion for wine, and felt the broader world of bubbles lacked representation in wine clubs. In May of 2022, he sent out his first shipment.

For $109 a month, Sparkle-ist will deliver three bottles with different origins, production styles, and grapes.  There’s an emphasis on Champagne, but not the kind of big-name bottles found in every wine shop. DeGeyndt’s focus is small production, family-owned wineries. He likens the difference to tasting peaches procured directly from a farmer versus a grocery store.

“You take a bite and you’re like, ‘Wow, this peach is amazing. Why can’t I find peaches like this?’” he says. “It’s because it’s from a farmer who cares for that land, who really has a passion for creating quality goods.”

DeGeyndt’s club will also highlight bottles from lesser-known sparkling wine regions in Germany, Spain, Italy, the United States, and beyond. Members will also receive tasting notes, information about the producers, and approachable pairings.

Currently the club offers wine shipments, as well as private tasting sessions at homes or businesses for groups of various sizes. He’s also looking to offer curated wine dinners, and create a local drop-off or pickup for DC-area residents in the near future.

“I always like to say if you’ve had a bad day, sparkling wine will definitely make it better. If you’ve had a good day, sparkling wine is a great way to celebrate. If you just had an average day, it’s a great way to finish your day.”

Peter Njoroge
Editorial Fellow