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“The Bachelor” Has Two Maryland Contestants. What’s Their Deal?

The scoop on Season 27's local participants.

Photographs by Ricky Middlesworth/ABC

Season 27 of The Bachelor premiered on ABC this Monday, promising another season featuring love, heartbreak, and a politically ambiguous man straining to recall the names of his many suitors. 

And there is some big news for local viewers: Two of those suitors are apparently from Maryland. According to Bachelor Nation, contestant Genevie Mayo is from Joppatowne in Harford County, while Anastasia Keramidas is from Baltimore (though her onscreen bio during the first episode indicated she’s from San Diego, where she currently lives. Rude!).

Our two Marylanders are already making an impression. During the first episode, Keramidas caught the eye of some viewers by stepping out of the limo in pants, a rare sighting at an event known for its flowing, bedazzled gowns. Meanwhile, Mayo surprised Bachelor Zach Shallcross when she exited the limo and challenged him to change a baby doll’s diaper.

Here’s a closer look at our two local-ish contestants:

Anastasia Keramidas, 30

The marketing manager earned a psychology degree from St. Mary’s College, according to her LinkedIn page. And it also appears she likes to hang out in DC: Right before the season premiered, Anastasia partied at the Living Room in Logan Circle, according to photos from her Instagram that show the club’s “Goin Down” sign.


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She also has a foodie background: Her father, Vasilis Keramidas, owns and operates several restaurants around Baltimore, and Keramidas apparently used to work their coat check rooms as a teenagerShe used to write a food and travel blog, where she published recipes, restaurant reviews, and travel guides. In 2019, she earned a nomination for “Best Instagram Handle” from the Baltimore Sun’s Best of Baltimore awards.

Genevie Mayo, 26

She’s a neonatal nurse, according to her onscreen bio from the show, and her Bachelor bio says she wants to be a hospital CEO one day. Although we aren’t sure where she works, there are tagged Instagram photos of her wearing Johns Hopkins gear and badges.


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We also know from Bachelor Nation that she is a big Ravens fan and that, according to famed Bachelor Sleuth Reality Steve, she went to Towson University. It also seems like she was the kind of high school student you hear parents brag about: In 2013, Mayo was one of 12 Harford County 11th grade girls to earn an award for her achievements in math, science, and extracurricular activities. That same year, she received a $1,000 community service scholarship, which, according to the award’s website, recognizes students “who display exemplary community service.”


Julia Rosenberg
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