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Anyone Want a Gig in Senator Robert Menendez’s Office?

The indicted legislator seems to be hiring a speechwriter.

Indicted New Jersey senator Robert Menendez needs help: He appears to be trying to hire a new speechwriter. According to an ad currently on the Senate jobs page, a “Democratic Senator from New Jersey is seeking a seasoned speechwriter for a fast-paced, creative office.” Though there is no mention of Menendez, a representative for the other New Jersey senator, Cory Booker, confirms that the job listing is not Booker’s. (Menendez’s press office did not immediately respond to an email asking about the ad.)

So what would this senatorial scribe be doing? As calls for his resignation continue, Menendez apparently wants somebody to write or edit “all remarks given by the senator in Washington and while in-state including floor remarks, policy, commencement and other major addresses, video scripts, press events and opening remarks for high-level committee hearings.” And don’t worry, this gig comes with plenty of face time: “A successful candidate should expect to work directly with the Senator on message development and execution of all major policy addresses.”

Despite the mention of commencement speeches, it seems unlikely that Menendez will be called on to inspire many graduating classes in the near future. In September, he was indicted for “participating in a years-long bribery scheme” by the US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, among other charges. (Menendez has pleaded not guilty.) It is unclear whether a speechwriter helped craft Mendenez’s response at a press conference he held September 25: “On Friday, the Southern District of New York brought charges against me,” he said. “I understand how deeply concerning this can be.” He went on to deny all of the allegations, saying he believes he will be exonerated “when all of the facts are presented.” Menendez’s trial date is currently set for May 6—less than a month before the New Jersey state primary.

If this all sounds like it could be your next big career move, don’t hesitate to apply here. Just make sure you have the required minimum five years experience writing for senior government officials and/or executives, along with, probably, a strong stomach for political rollercoasters. “Applicants with congressional experience and New Jersey ties are especially encouraged to apply,” the ad says.

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