Cheap Eats 2017: Texas Jack’s Barbecue

Cheap Eats 2017: Texas Jack’s Barbecue
Ribs, sausage, pulled pork, brisket, and chicken at Texas Jack's. Photo by Scott Suchman.

We’d be happy dining at this cavernous Lyon Park place even if we didn’t eat meat. The sides—whether a warm salad of corn done up elote-style with cilantro and cotija, an eggy potato salad, or crispy Brussels sprouts tossed in lemon and Parmesan—are that tasty. Still, A-plus accoutrements aren’t enough to land a place on this list. Killer brisket, addictive smoked wings, and a tasty pulled-pork sandwich topped with Sriracha pickles are. Happy hour offers great deals, including a $6 burger and a plate of brisket-topped nachos. Also good: Brisket-and-queso sandwich; kale salad.

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