Cheap Eats 2015: DCity Smokehouse

Where we get our favorite barbecue sandwiches.
DCIty Smokehouse will serve a mix of soul food and barbecue. Photograph by Bo Harris.

Washington is in the midst of a barbecue boom—more than ten restaurants have opened in the last two years alone—and Rob Sonderman’s tiny Bloomingdale carryout gets the blue ribbon. Sublime ribs? You’ll find them here, smoky from hickory and cherry wood and glistening with a brown-sugar rub. And how about that brisket, with its glorious bark and lusciously fatty, pink center? It’s as good in a cup of assertively spiced chili as it is sandwiched with fried onions on buttery Texas toast. Meats are the main draw—the combo plates let you try a few— but most sides, including a pickle-heavy potato salad and fiery green-chili-flecked grits, do them proud.

Cuisine: Barbecue

Where you can find it: 8 Florida Ave., NW; 202-733-1919

Also good: Half-smoke; chopped-pork sandwich with red-chili slaw; smoked wings; baked beans; hushpuppies.


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