Cheap Eats 2015: DGS Delicatessen

Photograph by Scott Suchman.

“Artisanal deli” sounds at first like a joke, like “upscale Amish.” But if charcuterie and pickles are enjoying a comeback, then what makes more sense than a deli, bastion of charcuterie and pickles, returning to its soulful roots? DGS makes its own pastrami and corns its own beef; one glance at the cutting board, where the spice-rubbed meat falls over in thick, juice-dripping slices, will have you salivating. The rye bread has an estimable crust, and the mustard is mixed fresh daily. And that’s just the sandwiches.

Cuisine: Sandwiches

Where you can go for it: 1317 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-293-4400

Also good: Matzo-ball soup; chopped chicken liver; chicken gyro; shakshouka, an Israeli stew of tomatoes, roast peppers, and poached eggs.


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