Quick Takes: Mussel Bar & Grille

We try out some moules frites in Ballston.
(Left) Poached-shrimp cocktail at Mussel Bar. (Right) Plenty of basil and fragrant green curry dress up the Thai-inspired moules frites at Mussel Bar & Grille in Ballston. Photographs by Scott Suchman.

Between the wonderfully crusty bread, the crispy fries with their trio of mayonnaisey dipping sauces, and the flavorful, creamy sauces that blanket skillets of plump mussels, it’s hard not to wind up eating like a marathon-prepper at Robert Wiedmaier’s latest moules frites-and-beer hangout.

As much as we tried to stop ourselves from dragging just one more fry—especially the crunchy sweet-potato variety—through a cilantro-laced Thai curry or classic white-wine broth, it was a challenge. While a cast-iron crock of warm crab dip was on the fishy side, an appetizer of poached-shrimp cocktail with a fabulous Old Bay aïoli added a lovely light touch to the table.

This article appears in the May 2014 issue of Washingtonian.

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