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Top Diets 2004: Low-Carb Dining Out

Tips on how to keep your low-carb diet while dining out.

Whether it's haute cuisine or carryout, restaurants are scrambling to create Atkins-friendly and low-carb menus that will please palates and appease consciences. But before you abandon the kitchen in favor of dining out, here are a few things to keep in mind.

*BEFORE YOU … try to order a low-carb latte at Caribou Coffee, KNOW THAT … its promotional Skinny 'Bou Low Carb Latte was pulled after just two weeks—it had only 7 grams of carbs but also 780 calories and 84 grams of fat.

*BEFORE YOU … lament having to forgo Bobby Van's Steakhouse's cottage fries, KNOW THAT … you're not alone. Manager John Simkins says half his patrons now ask for broccoli, green beans, or cauliflower instead.

*BEFORE YOU … place your order at PF Chang's, KNOW THAT … you can request this Chinese chain's Training Table Menu, which includes a list of high-protein dishes and details their nutritional information.

*BEFORE YOU … wrap your hands around Subway's Atkins-Friendly Turkey and Bacon Melt, KNOW THAT … it's got 430 calories and 25 grams of fat—not the stuff that made Jared skinny.

*BEFORE YOU … opt for the "Carb Free" Garden Salad at Mosaic Cuisine & Cafe in Rockville, KNOW THAT … none of the dressings is carb-free, though the balsamic olive oil, Caesar, and bleu cheese are low-carb.

*BEFORE YOU … swear off all greasy spoons, KNOW THAT … Silver Diner's new TLC menu includes breadless meatloaf, blueberry pancakes, even low-carb milkshakes.

*BEFORE YOU … bite into the Einstein Bros. Lower Carb 9-Grain Bagel, KNOW THAT … you're still eating 18 grams of net carbohydrates. For Atkins followers, that's a lot of the suggested daily intake.

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