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Mr. Good Wrench: Best Body Shops

Here are 70 of the area’s best body specialists

  • Auto Body of Vienna, 330 Dominion Rd. NE, Vienna; 703-938-7910
  • Calfax Motors, 12259 Nebel St., Rock- ville; 301-881-2040
  • Craftsman Auto Body, 103 Gordon Rd., Falls Church; 703-534-1818
  • D&D Auto Body, 15207 Frederick Rd., Rockville; 301-340-0678
  • D&V Autobody, 23550 Overland Dr., Sterling; 703-661-8545
  • Hanagan’s Auto Body, 933 Selim Rd., Silver Spring; 301-589-2260
  • Imperial Paint & Auto Body, 15002 Farm Creek Dr., Woodbridge; 703-492-8372
  • In & Out Auto Body, 664 Lofstrand La., Rockville; 301-340-0393
  • Jack’s Auto Body, 5700 Scoville St., Falls Church; 703-379-1118
  • Jerry’s Custom Automotive Center, 1311 E St., SE; 202-543-3000
  • Master Crafters, 7410 Westmore Rd., Rockville; 301-251-9410
  • Olde Towne Auto Body and Paint, 510 N. Fayette St., Alexandria; 703-549-4920
  • Precision Collision, 7901 Kincannon Pl., Lorton; 703-550-9777
  • Rockville Auto Body, 1221 Taft St., Rock- ville; 301-762-6500
  • Tony’s Auto Body, 1818 Chapman Ave., Rockville; 301-881-8670
  • Zamora’s Auto Body, 773 E. Gude Dr., Rockville, 301-294-1303; 4612 Wedgewood Blvd., Frederick, 301-668-8401

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  • Jenn

    I have some prior professional experience dealing with body shops. Unfortunately, some of the ones listed here are a bit on the pricey side. I found a great shop CRG through It's a small family owned place that's really friendly. They did it for much less than of what one of the larger shops (on this list, but I won't name names) quoted me and I am incredibly happy with the work.

  • CharleyOx

    thanks. i tried it out. saved roughly 300 dollars. was completely satisfied with with both the repair facility and the work. i was lucky enough to have a claim check that was in excess of what i secured with the web service. my only complaint would be that there's no repair jungle iphone app.

  • Hobbsy

    Is it just a free service? I don't see anything on their website about any fees.

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