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Meet the Washingtonian Interns
Every fall, spring, and summer, Washingtonian welcomes a new batch of journalism newbies. Meet our fall 2007 interns, and learn how to apply to be one of the next. By sara levine
Photographs by Jennifer Smoose
Comments () | Published October 9, 2007
The Washingtonian’s editorial internship program started more than 30 years ago, when interns clacked away on typewriters along with the rest of the staff. Every fall, spring, and summer, the magazine welcomes a new batch of journalism newbies. Last year, we expanded the program—adding three interns to the print magazine’s crew of four editorial interns. Washingtonian intern alumni have gone on to publications such as Vanity Fair, People, Entertainment Weekly, National Geographic, Martha Stewart Everyday Food, The Washington Post, US News and World Report and USA Today. A few have landed full-time jobs at Washingtonian. Our fall 2007 interns are sure to move on to great things too, so keep an eye out for these bylines.

Interested in applying to be one of the next Washingtonian interns? Learn more about our programs here. The application deadline for the spring internship (January–May) is November 1.

After completing the editorial internship this summer, Alejandro Salinas was asked to stay on and move over to the Web team. He’s now known around here as our resident “super intern” and can answer any question regarding mail distribution or fact-checking without skipping a beat. He’s also a frequent blogger for’s After Hours. Originally from Bolivia, Alejandro graduated from the College of William and Mary in May. Throughout his college years, he wrote about film and entertainment for the school newspaper.

Marissa Conrad is an editorial intern from Pewaukee, Wisconsin. In June, she graduated from Northwestern University’s school of journalism, where she edited and reported for the university’s student newspaper. During the summers, she left the Midwest to intern at Glamour and SELF magazines in New York. Marissa is our baking guru and often walks to work sporting a spiffy cupcake carrier filled with goodies.


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