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2010 Washingtonian Guide to Private Schools: Coed Schools
Comments () | Published October 21, 2010

Academy for Ideal Education
(Elementary/middle school campus) 1501 Gallatin St., NW 202-269-3186; age 3-7th grade$8,500; 40 students. (High-school campus) 2600 12th St., NE 202-269-0429; 9th-12th grade, $11,400; 60 students.

Aidan Montessori School
2700 27th St., NW; 202-387-2700; ages 1½-12; $15,537-$21,501; students 190.

Amazing Life Games Preschool
4300 16th St., NW; 202-265-0114; ages 2½-5; tuition depends on whether the child attends full-time or part-time and whether the parent participates in the co-op, but the average monthly tuition from 9 AM to 3 PM five days a week is $1188; 30 students.

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Dedicated and highly trained staff. Specialized teachers in dramatic play, music, yoga & capoeira. Largest scholarship fund in history.

We aim to develop children holistically through play, build their love of learning and ability to communicate with their peers.

What's New?
Our 7 fire-bellied frogs!

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Archbishop Carroll High School
4300 Harewood Rd., NE; 202-529-0900 xt. 134; 9th-12th grades; $10,035; 470 students.

Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School
3500 Woodley Rd., NW; 202-537-6493; pre-K through 3rd grade; $28,550, 392 students

Blessed Sacrament School
5841 Chevy Chase Pkwy., NW; 202-966-6682; K-8th grade; $7,900 (parishioners), $11,400 (non-parishioners); 514 students.

*British School of Washington
2001 Wisconsin Ave., NW 202-829-3700; ages 3-18; $11,100 (nursery half-day), $20,300 (nursery full-day), $21,112 (years 1 to 6), $23,036 (years 7-11), $24,250 (years 12-13); 450 students.

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The British School of Washington offers a high-quality British-style education that prepares students to meet the growing challenges of a rapidly changing world. BSW encourages independence and self-discipline in an atmosphere of mutual respect and appreciation of diverse opinions and cultures.

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*Capitol Hill Day School
210 South Carolina Ave., SE; 202-547-2244; pre-K through 8th grades; $21,270 (pre-K and K half-day), $24,040 (pre-K and K full-time), $24,040 (grades 1-5), $25,270 (grades 6-8); 215 students.

Children's House of Washington
3133 Dumbarton St., NW; 202-342-2551; ages 2¾-6; $9,500 (ages 3-4), $10,500 (age 5), 27 students.

Dupont Park Adventist School
3942 Alabama Ave., SE; 202-583-8500; pre-K through 10th grade; $4085-5930; 240 students.

*Edmund Burke School
4101 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-362-8882; 6th-12th grade; $29,590; 320 students.

Emerson Preparatory School
1324 18th St., NW; 202-785-2877; 9th-12th grade; $31,070; 50 students.

*Field School
2301 Foxhall Rd., NW; 202-295-5800; 7th-12th grade; $33,800; 320 students.

*Georgetown Day School
(Lower/middle-school campus) 4530 MacArthur Blvd., NW; 202-295-6200; pre-K-8th grade; $27,915-$32,175; 570 students.
High-school campus, 4200 Davenport St., NW; 202-274-3200; 9th-12th grade $30,571; 480 students.

Georgetown Montessori School
1041 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-337-8058; ages 2-6; $7,200-$11,500; 50 students.

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What's New?
Yoga classes for extended day, Italian class once weekly, Music for Little Fingers/weekly

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Holy Trinity Episcopal School
11902 Daisy Lane, Glenn Dale, MD 20769 and 13106 Annapolis Road, Bowie, MD 20720; (301) 464-3215 and (301) 262-5355; age 3-8th grade; preschool: $8,375, K-grade 4: $8,970, Grade 5-8: $10,635; 559 students.

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Holy Trinity Episcopal Day School educates preschool through eighth grade students by offering a challenging, diverse, supportive, and safe environment where children can excel academically, artistically, athletically, and spiritually. The School encourages students to achieve excellence and embrace responsibility. Holy Trinity is dedicated to educating the whole child in a comprehensive, well-rounded program that lays the foundation for all children to reach their potential as they develop independent habits of mind as well as a lifelong passion for learning.

Recent Accomplishments
The Wind Ensemble received a Superior rating at the Dixie Classic Festival, 2010. In addition, the percussion section was honored with Best Percussion award.

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Holy Trinity School
1325 36th St., NW; 202-337-2339; age 3-8th grade; $11,500-17,500 (2010-2011 costs to arrive in February).

Jewish Primary Day School of the Nation's Capital
6045 16th St., NW; 202-291-5737; pre-K thorough 6th grade; $18950; 261 students.

KinderHaus of Chevy Chase
5307 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-244-0719; infants through pre-K; $1,715 for infants, $1,495 for two year olds, $1,145 for three to five year olds; 25 students.

KinderHaus of Cleveland Park
3400 Lowell St., NW; 202-686-3570; infants through pre-K; $1,715 for infants, $1,495 for two year olds, $1,145 for three to five year olds; 54 students.

Little Flower Montessori School
3029 16th St., NW; 202-667-6803; ages 2½-6; $1,200 a month (half day), $1,400 a month (school day), $1,600 a month (full day); 24 students.

*Lowell School
1640 Kalmia Rd., NW; 202-577-2000; age 3-grade 6; $14,990-$27,297; 280 students.

Maret School
3000 Cathedral Ave., NW; 202-939-8800; Grades K-4: $26,585, Grades 5-8: $28,825, Grades 9-12: $30,600; 635 students.

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Maret School galvanizes the intellectual, analytical, creative, and physical capabilities of our students and equips them to excel in future academic endeavors. We join with our parents to instill in each student the self-reliance and moral awareness to develop healthy personal relationships, work through challenges, and enjoy life. In a community that embraces different cultures, interests, perspectives, and talents, we prepare our students to become responsible, thoughtful, and well-informed adults who are able to play an active role in improving the world.

Colleges Where the Greatest Number of 2010 Graduates Enrolled
University of Pennsylvania (5) Washington University in St. Louis (5) University of Michigan (5) Duke (4) Yale (3)

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Montessori School of Chevy Chase
5312 Connecticut Ave., NW; 202-362-6212; ages 2-6; tuition approximately $15,000 per school year depending on choice of programs (full day/half day, before care/after care, 9 month/12 month program); 57 students.

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The Montessori School of Chevy Chase is a culturally diverse community of life long learners, offering a strong academic curriculum based on the Montessori Philosophy fostering self-esteem, independence, empathy and social consciousness.

What's New?
We are now offering a French Immersion Montessori Program for children ages 3-6

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Montessori School of Washington
4380 MacArthur Blvd., NW; 202-338-1557; preschool-kindergarten; $8,500-$12,000; 20 students.

Nannie Helen Burroughs School
601 50th St., NE; 202-398-5266; nursery (age 2½)-6th grade; preschool ($5,250, include before and after care), grades 1-6 ($4,940, additional $200 per month for before and after care); 80 students.

*National Child Research Center
3209 Highland Pl., NW; 202-363-8777; ages 2½-5; $5,670 (half-day two days per week,) $7,675 (half-day three days per week), $12,940 (half-day five days per week), $12,385 (full-day five days per week); 174 students.

National Presbyterian School
4121 Nebraska Ave., NW; 202-537-7500; nursery-6th grade; $14,800 to $23,100; 260 students.

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For families seeking a traditional elementary school education with a purposeful focus on the childhood years (Nursery through 6th grade), NPS provides an exceptional academic program in a values based, loving environment.

Recent Accomplishments
Received a 2010 Honorable Mention from the Center for Spiritual and Ethical Education Community Service Recognition Program for our school-wide "Learning in Deed" student-centered community service program. Won 2009-2010 Sportsmanship Award from the Capital Athletic Conference, voted on by all Athletic Directors in the League (grades 5-8), representing the respect demonstrated by our athletes, coaches, and spectators this season.

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Naylor Road School
2403 Naylor Rd., SE; 202-584-5114; K-8th grade; $6,110-$6,880; 150 students.

Our Lady of Victory School
4755 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW; 202-337-1421; age 3-8th grade; $8,970 ($7,535 for parishoners); 200 students.

*Parkmont School
4842 16th St., NW; 202-726-0740; 6th-12th grade; $26,640; 51 students.

Randall Hyland Private School
4339 Bowen Rd., SE; 202-582-2966; ages 2½-5, after-care for ages 6-12; $11,440 annually for preschoolers, $105 weekly for school children after-care; 40 students total.

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To provide a quality early childhood development program to enhance socio-emotional, psychomotor and cognitive skills, while promoting a positive self-concept through every aspect of the program. It is paramount to provide an environment where children are encouraged to develop their unique potentials and skills.

What's New
NAEYC Accredited

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Sheridan School
4400 36th St., NW; 202-362-7900; K-8th grade; Grades K-3: $25,770, Grade 4: $27,370, Grades 5-8 $28,620; 225 students.

See more.

Sheridan School's mission is to create an inclusive, vibrant learning community. We take joy in learning, show kindness and empathy towards others, embrace new experiences and ideas, and continually seek a deeper and fuller understanding of the world. We seek to inspire self-knowledge, intellectual discipline and personal integrity in our community members. At both our city and mountain campuses, the Sheridan community challenges itself to live the ideal of respect for oneself, others and the environment.

What's New?
National Association of Independent Schools Assessment of Inclusivity and Multiculturalism (NAIS AIM) Process As one of the first local schools to complete the year-long AIM evaluation, Sheridan is currently developing initiatives based on its results. AIM is a comprehensive instrument designed to evaluate diversity, multiculturalism, equity and justice in independent schools through a Self-Assessment Process and an online Climate Survey.

Recent Accomplishments
During the 2009-2010 school year, Sheridan's board of trustees, administration, faculty and staff embarked on invigorating and completing a new mission statement. After many months of discussions, revisions and a three week long period trial of utilizing the mission in the classroom by the teachers, the Sheridan School Mission and Learning Principles was adopted by the board of trustees, faculty and staff in May 2010.

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Sidwell Friends School
(Lower school) 5100 Edgemoor La., Bethesda (middle/upper school) 3825 Wisconsin Ave, NW; 202-537-8100; pre-K through 12th grade; $31,069 (lower school), $32,069 (middle/upper school); 1,100 students.

*St. Ann's Academy
4404 Wisconsin Ave., NW; 202-363-4460; pre-K through 8th grade; pre-K, $5,500 (parishoners and non); K through 8th grade $6,900 (parishoners), $7,400 (non-parishoners); 180 students.

St. John's College High School
2607 Military Rd., NW; 202-363-2316; 9th-12th grade; $14,500, 1,060 students.

St. John's Episcopal Preschool
3240 O St., NW; 202-338-2574; ages 2½-5; morning program $7,609-$10,995 depending on number of days and age of child; early-morning and afternoon programs also available; 45 students.

St. Patrick's Episcopal Day School
4700 Whitehaven Pkwy., NW; 202-342-2805; age 3-8th grade; $14,777-$28,321; 500 students.

*St. Peter School
422 Third St., SE; 202-544-1618; pre-K through 8th grade; $7,890 (parishioners), $9,980 (non-parishioners); 228 students.

Washington Hebrew Congregation Edlavitch-Tyser Early Childhood Center
3935 Macomb St., NW; 202-895-6334; ages (1½ accompanied by parent or guardian), 2-5 years; $3,300-$11,300; 101 students.

Washington International School
Primary school: 1690 36th St., NW; 202-243-1815; pre-K through 5th grade; 451 students. Middle and upper school: 3100 Macomb St., NW; 202-243-1815; 6th-12th grade 450 students; Tuitions: Pre K half-day $14,635, Pre K full-day $21,510, K-5th grade $26,550, 6th-12th grade $29,605.


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