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Music Picks: Jukebox the Ghost, Iron Maiden, Aerosmith

We line up the best in live music over the next seven days.

The Head and the Heart play 9:30 Club tonight, June 28. Photograph by Flickr user derekskey.

Thursday, June 28

Seattle’s the Head and the Heart play pretty folk music that gets poppy at times, to keep your ears interested. After opening for Dr. Dog earlier this year, they’re back for a sold-out headlining show at 9:30 Club.

7 PM at 9:30 Club, sold out.

Brandi Carlile spells her last name the way it sounds, without that sneaky “s”—gotta respect that. She takes the singer-songwriter genre and, at times, speeds it up with a full band. Her latest, Bear Creek, dropped earlier this month.

7 PM at Wolf Trap, $40.

Friday, June 29

DC natives Jukebox the Ghost have abandoned us, going on to bigger things in Philadelphia, but Friday they’ll stop by to say hello. They play piano-driven rock and roll, and their debut, Live and Let Ghosts, is one of the catchiest records you’ll ever hear. Their latest album, Safe Travels, is a little more grown up (read: worse), but they still know how to write a pop song.

8 PM at 9:30 Club, $15.

Saturday, June 30

Vancouver’s Japandroids are neither Japanese nor androids, but they play awesome punky garage rock. Both members, Brian King and David Prowse, share vocal duties, giving the band a bigger sound than you’d expect from a duo.

7 PM at Rock & Roll Hotel, sold out.

Along with Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden helped popularize heavy metal. There was a lost period between 1994 and 1999 when singer Bruce Dickinson left the band—but since his return, the band have released four albums and toured countless times, proving the world never gets tired of guitar solos.

7:30 PM at Jiffy Lube Live, $31 to $92.

Sunday, July 1

Guessing what random American Idol contestants from seven years ago are doing now is probably a favorite pastime of yours, so here’s the answer to your burning Bo Bice question: He’s playing at coffee shops in Arlington. Things were probably over for the “rocker” when he decided to call his third album, released in 2010, 3.

8 PM at Iota Club & Cafe, $17.

Monday, July 2

Enough with the dubstep and electro-house—if you’re looking for something to really dance to, Scissor Sisters are your band. Instead of going with droning bass and alien beats, they rely on instruments, melody, and tasteful-ish vocals. Their show tonight is sold out, but if you’re not constrained by arbitrary “days of the week,” their show Tuesday still has tickets available.

7 PM at 9:30 Club, sold out ($40 tomorrow).

Tuesday, July 3

Is there anything more American than Crosby, Stills & Nash? What’s that, Steven Tyler? Your band’s tune was used as the defining song in a movie that features astronauts sacrificing their lives blowing up an earthbound asteroid, saving all mankind? We’ll allow it. Only in America will you have to make the decision between these legends. Choose wisely.

Aerosmith: 7:30 PM at Jiffy Lube Live, $35 to $176.

Crosby, Stills & Nash: 8 PM at Wolf Trap, sold out.

Wednesday, July 4

Go watch the fireworks and blast “Call Me Maybe,” a song by a Canadian.

Know of a great concert happening soon? E-mail Jason Koebler at, or find him on Twitter at @jason_koebler.

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