What to Do This Week: April 30 to May 3

Dance like you’re in Baltimore, have your heart broken by recovering addicts, and hear Dan Rather unfiltered.

By: Jason Koebler

Monday, April 30

It's Monday, and you're probably an emotional wreck (what? you're well adjusted? okay, then) with your unexpected return to work. This should help (or not): Head over to the Kennedy Center for Life Stories, a play performed by the women of N Street Village--it's the heartbreaking tales of women who are in substance abuse recovery. Yikes. 7:30 PM.

Tuesday, May 1

Who says dancing is just for the weekend? Everyone says they want to get up to Baltimore, but they never do, even though the Orioles are great at baseball again. So Baltimore is coming to you with Phys Ed 202 at Rock & Roll Hotel (because your dance moves are too advances for the 101 class). You'll get Top 40 '90s classics, indie, go-go, and, yes, the Baltimore club music you long for. 9 PM.

Wednesday, May 2

Wednesday is my birthday, and you're all not invited to my party! Instead, head over to Woolly Mammoth Theatre for Arias With a Twist, which is ending this week. The play mixes drag with puppeteering, space travel, time travel, and lots of other stuff. Tickets ($45 to $57) are available online. 8 PM.

Thursday, May 3

Remember how journalists are supposed to be objective? No? Well, Dan Rather spent 44 years at CBS trying to tell it like it is behind the guise of being impartial. He's spent the past couple casting that aside, giving his unfiltered thoughts on Abu Ghraib, George Dubya, and lots of other things. Head over to Sixth & I Historic Synagogue to hear him talk about his autobiography and his views. Tickets ($12) are available online. 7 PM.