Music Picks: Wilco, Beach Week, Toby Keith

The live shows you shouldn’t miss over the next seven days.

By: Jason Koebler

Thursday, July 12

Tonight is for throwback acts—Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters comes through again with his extremely successful “The Wall” tour, while Germany’s Scorpions are going to rock Merriweather like a hurricane, if their old bones can withstand the vibrations.

Roger Waters: 8 PM at Verizon Center, $65 to $280(!).

Scorpions: 6:30 PM at Merriweather, $45 to $75.

Friday, July 13

Mexican-American indie rockers Girl in a Coma were discovered by Joan Jett and have the attitude to match. Sisters Nina and Phanie Diaz have grown up with attitude—Nina was just 13 years old when she joined the band. They’ll be playing cuts off their upcoming album, Exits & All the Rest, at Red Palace.

8 PM at Red Palace, $10.

With a name like Murder by Death, you’d expect hardcore or maybe metal, but the Bloomington, Indiana, band skews more rock-country, with lyrics inspired by horror films. Think edgy country-western movie—except that country-western movie is about the devil or a zombie or something.

9 PM at Black Cat, $15.

Saturday, July 14

Just a week after the Fourth of July, the man who personally offered to put a boot in your ass to demonstrate his patriotism makes the trip to DC. While Toby Keith is probably best known for Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue, he’s had 20 number-one country hits. And he’s not all that stereotypical politically, either—he kinda-sorta supports Obama, and, in country music’s approximation of a rap beef, he had a major feud with the Dixie Chicks a couple years back.

7 PM at Jiffy Lube Live, $30 to $90.

Sunday, July 15

Brooklyn’s El-P, whose name I just now finally understood, has been a major force in the underground rap scene for more than a decade, but he might finally start getting noticed by mainstream audiences: May’s Cancer 4 Cure got glowing reviews, and he seems to have more momentum now than ever.

8 PM at Rock & Roll Hotel, $25.

Monday, July 16

With The Shape of Punk to Come, Sweden’s Refused wrote the defining hardcore punk album. It took them 14 years to reunite after their 1998 breakup, but after a couple successful shows in New York, they’re doing a short tour. If you care at all about punk music, don’t miss them.

8 PM at the Fillmore, $30.

Tuesday, July 17

We might be a couple of hours from the nearest surf spot (not that surfing in Ocean City is even a remotely enjoyable experience), but local rockers Beach Week will make you feel like you’re on a beach somewhere in Hawaii.

8 PM at Black Cat, $8.

Speaking of the Best Coast (East Side Rollas 4 Life), LA’s Best Coast are probably the best surf-pop band out there right now, even if their name is a lie. The sugary sweet, garage-rocky duo recently released their second album, The Only Place, and it’s cemented their popularity—check Craigslist for tickets to their sold-out 9:30 Club show.

8 PM at 9:30 Club, sold out.

Wednesday, July 18

It’s hard to think of a band more universally liked—or at least not hated—than Wilco. Last year’s The Whole Love showed up on just about every best-of 2011 list you could think of, and their genre-bending, ever-changing sound means there’s a Wilco song out there for everyone.

8 PM at Wolf Trap, $35 to $45.