What to Do This Week: August 20 to 23

Celebrate National Lemonade Day, unite with New Yorkers, and try speed dating.

By: Jason Koebler

Monday, August 20

SUGAR: Today is National Lemonade Day, and Hill Country is doing it up big—all afternoon there’s a classic lemonade stand out front, serving up $1 cups of the sugary stuff and 32-ounce Mason jars for $4 if you need to quench some serious thirst. Choose from regular, strawberry, and blueberry lemonade. After 4 PM, things move inside all night, and a $6 lemonade spiked with Texas vodka magically makes its way onto the menu. All proceeds from lemonade sales go to fight childhood cancer.

Tuesday, August 21

NOO YAWK: Have you lived in New York and are suffering from a severe lack of skyscrapers? Want to talk about how terrible the bagels in DC are? Or maybe you were in town for the Mets series this weekend and have finally reached your end point. FUME, the Fellowship of Unassimilated Manhattan Exiles, which was annoyingly given legitimacy by a Washington Post article last year, is the club for you. They’re meeting on the roof of the Brixton for a happy hour and to presumably talk about New York-y things. We highly encourage spies to attend to check out how the other side lives, or, if you actually do miss New York, show up and get out your complaining to them so we don’t have to hear it. 6 PM.

Wednesday, August 22

DATE AUCTION: Generation Obama is hosting a summer mixer and date auction at Penn Social, which normally features tons of drunken people playing cornhole and flip cup. This time, the giant space will be packed with dressed-up Democrats looking to score a lunch with former congressman Tom Perriello, Tom Manatos (an adviser to representative Debbie Wasserman-Schultz), and lots of other people. Proceeds go to help buy up Barack Obama ads, so probably stay away if you’re rootin’ for Romney. Tickets are $5 in advance or $7 at the door. 7 PM.

Thursday, August 23

SPEED DATING: It’s Chinese Valentine’s Day, so Professionals in the City, a speed-dating company, is doing their thing at the Ping Pong Dim Sum in Dupont. Meet like 20 of your future wives and/or husbands in an hour, then mingle with the ones you didn’t completely hate afterward. Tickets ($30) are available online. 7 PM.

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