Don’t Miss Joe Biden on NBC’s “Parks and Recreation” This Thursday

After all, he is Leslie Knope’s entire “celebrity sex list.”

By: Erin Keane Scott

Fans of NBC’s Parks and Recreation know that heroine and local politician Leslie Knope’s ideal man “has the brains of George Clooney in the body of Joe Biden,” which is why Vice President Biden’s guest appearance on the sitcom tonight is a must-see.

We’re not sure if we’re more jazzed to see the Veep’s pearly whites twinkle at us or to see how Knope, played by the hilarious Amy Poehler, reacts to meeting her dream man.

Jokes about the Biden crush are plentiful on the Thursday night show. In the season four finale, as Knope waits for the votes to be counted in the city council election, her opponent’s campaign manager offers her Biden’s phone number if she’ll let the local news stations call the race.

Last week’s episode featured a Knope-created unity quilt to bring fiancé Ben’s parents together. The “metaphorical art project” had squares featuring all the things Leslie loves most: miniature horse Li’l Sebastian, waffles, Ben, and a small picture of the only man in the world she finds as sexy as Ben, Joe Biden, his gleaming smile sewn against the backdrop of an American flag.

Vice President Biden filmed the brief cameo before the November 6 election and is reported to have handled his scene like a pro. According to Entertainment Weekly, the executive producer of Parks and Rec, Michael Schur, said the hardest part of organizing the guest spot wasn’t booking Biden, but rather keeping his appearance a secret to avoid the Federal Elections Commission considering it a campaign contribution.

Regardless, we’re excited to watch our friend Vice President Biden splash that charisma over the prime time airwaves yet again.