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WashingTelevision: Veep Recap, Episode Five, “Nicknames”

Things go from bad to worse for Selina when her staff learns how to use Google.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Selina Meyer in Veep. Photograph by Bill Gray for HBO.

This was a good week for machinery metaphors, Veep-wise. Gary says a senator with emphysema sounds like “a broken-down leaf blower.” Jonah describes his sweaty thrash-metal concert as “like being operated on by a chimp with a hard-on and a hacksaw.” And a particularly prickly Big Oil senator delivers this nugget of a threat to Amy: “This bill is a fucking disgrace, and I’m going to see to it personally that it gets chewed up like a dead prostitute in a wood chipper.”

To what end, one wonders, is all this Home Depot-esque descriptive prose? For one thing, it conjures up pretty accurately how obnoxiously testosterone-y the corridors of power can be, underlined by the Secret Service agent who snickers dismissively at Selina, and the way the Veep purrs, “Hi boys” when she gate-crashes a fiscal responsibility briefing. And lest you were in any doubt that this is an environment in which penises rule (remember Selina’s constant affirmation about her “dick and balls,” and her “ladyballs” from episodes past), we got this gorgeous phrase from Jonah in last night’s episode: “I’ve got a cock like a cappuccino frother. One of the big ones. Industrial.”

Selina might seem to channel Joe Biden, particularly when she’s falling asleep on C-SPAN or dropping bombs on Meet the Press, but in “Nicknames,” she also seems to channel the Veep that never was: Hillary Clinton. On learning that her nicknames in the blogosphere include “Mammary Meyer,” “Grizzly Madam,” “Betty Poop,” “the Wicked Witch of the West Wing,” “Veep Throat,” and “Vaselina,” among others, Selina remains fairly calm, but “Viagra Prohibitor” goes one step too far. Lip trembling, she says, aghast, “It doesn’t work? They are saying that a prescription medication that is guaranteed to sustain a strong and lasting erection in all men, despite their age or their health, is rendered ineffective by me?” Instant flashbacks to Amy Poehler as Clinton and the “boner-shrinker” sketch from 2008’s SNL.

To cap it all off, the President finally kills Selina’s signature piece of legislation, the clean jobs bill, and puts her in charge of a much more female-friendly policy initiative: obesity. “I’d have more power in my hands if I joined one of those moronic Segway tours of DC,” the Veep says, and she probably isn’t wrong. “You have drawn the fat straw,” says Jonah. Selina is shut out of meetings, forced to vote against her own clean jobs policy in the form of an amendment, and shoehorned into spearheading a movement she approaches with roughly the sensitivity of a brick—and still the President hasn’t called. In other words, perhaps Hillary’s better off at the State Department, anyway.

Best quotes from last night’s episode:

“You have put this entire office into a salad spinner of fuck.” (Amy)

“They reassigned the smiling Secret Service guy. That’s one less grinning idiot with a gun we have to worry about.” (Amy)

“Careful when you go to sleep tonight, Jonah. Maybe I’ll sneak into your apartment with a bag of oranges and fructose you to death.” (Dan)

“Bats and Alzheimer’s.” (Amy, on the only two things Selina’s afraid of)

“The only intel he has is inside his PC.” (Jonah)

What did you think of last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments.

  • Connie

    You got both the Jonah quote and the Viagra quotes wrong. Also it wasn't a senator who made the wood chipper comment, it was a lobbyist.

  • Roger Felix

    One of the funniest things I have ever seen on television. by far! Julia L-D is tremendously hilarious, no matter whether she is "trying" to be serious or is actually cracking a joke. I just read another article about this show to the effect that Washington insiders are often as powerless as we think they are powerful, and that this show tries to convey that sense of powerlessness. I have to agree. I also disagree that shows like West Wing were the opposite. They weren't. The West Wing's players were sincere, intense, and often argued with each other about politics and policy, but they had the same problems actually getting anything to happen. The difference is that their failures were accompanied by angst, whereas the failures in Veep are designed to bring out the giggles, and why not? I will be looking for opportunities to use "salad spinner of fuck" for at least the next few weeks!

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