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Spotted: Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarrett Dine at Fiola Mare

Ladies’ night out for the First Lady.

Fiola Mare’s nautically elegant dining room attracts a high number of A-listers. Photograph by Andrew Propp.

The dining options of First Lady Michelle Obama and White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett are a good bellwether of the city’s hot restaurants. On Tuesday, Mrs. Obama and Jarrett stopped in for dinner at the new Italian waterfront seafood restaurant, Fiola Mare, created by Fiola owners Fabio and Maria Trabocchi. They were with three other friends, calling it a “girls’ night out,” according to a tipster.

Jarrett had visited the restaurant before, which is sometimes a clue that one or both of the Obamas will soon follow. But she’s not the only administration official to try out the pasta, grilled fish, crudo, and other delicacies of the month-old restaurant. National security adviser Susan Rice had dinner there with her husband, and Aerosmith rocker Steve Tyler brought in a large group for dinner. The First Lady and her entourage sat at the same VIP table.

Fiola Mare’s perch on the edge of the Potomac River makes it an obvious warm-weather destination. The spot has been filling up recently, even despite cold weather. When temperatures get warmer, expect the restaurant to get even hotter, too.

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  • VDW

    Oh geez, so what, is she supposed to only eat at TGI Friday's? That place is great and is locally owned. Good for her.

  • Gargoyle

    What is wrong with the dollar menu at La McDonald's? You sure can strap on the feed bag there a lot cheaper than a place with a female horse's name in it.
    Or is that for the estrogen challenged?

  • VDW

    Hey, nothing's wrong with McDonald's....Classic American place. I'm just saying she should be allowed to eat at a fancy place from time to time. They probably comped her meal anyway. And actually the restaurant's name is Italian. Mare means by the sea. It's on the Gtown waterfront.

  • Gargoyle

    You are aware of how it all looks? Time to time? She is like a constant Gold Digger. Mare for those two, nightmares for us.
    Most of us are lucky to go to McD's now. People with money do not flaunt or spend it like this. Ask them. They are usually working at something and never announcing where they go to eat. These women are classless.

  • ImNoDhimmi

    Another gourmet meal paid for by the American taxpayers! Butt don't expect a "thank you".

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