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More Details on Ivy & Coney, a Midwestern-Style Bar Opening in Shaw

Coney dogs, liquor lockers, and five years of free food and drinks are on offer.

Both Chicago-style and chili-topped Detroit Coney dogs will be on offer at the new Midwestern-themed bar. Image via Shutterstock.

Homesick Midwesterners, take note: This new concept is geared toward you. The team behind neighborhood eatery Kangaroo Boxing Club released more details today on Ivy & Coney, the Shaw bar they’re opening at 1537 Seventh Street, Northwest. The gist, per the release, is that it “brings the atmosphere of a Chicago corner bar with Detroit prices and Midwestern hospitality to our ever-diverse capital.” In other words, this may be the cheapest and friendliest spot in the neighb (unless, of course, the Bears and Lions are playing on Sunday).

The concept came about because of the hometowns of the restaurant team, who hail from the Windy City, Detroit, and Washington. You’ll find a mix of Midwestern delicacies, such as Italian beef, Cracker Jack, and hot dogs of both the Chicago and lesser-known Detroit Coney variety (traditionally topped with beanless chili, yellow mustard, and onions). Wash it all down with brews like Goose Island 312 and Bell’s Two Hearted Ale, or go a bit fancier with spirits from your very own liquor locker. Though details are still vague, customers will be able to buy bottles of booze—“at a highly discounted service rate”—that they can store for mixing beverages or drinking straight.

If you’re a fan of the idea, you could help out the crew before they open in the fall. Like Pleasant Pops market, Mothership, and other small neighborhood joints, the team has set up a crowdfunding site. According to the webpage, the extra money is less of an opening necessity and more of a way to pay for added perks, like high-definition TVs, wall paintings, and even a roof deck. Rewards for contributions range from a high five for $1 to free food and drinks for five years for a $10,000 gift (you better really like hot dogs). Stay tuned for more details closer to opening.

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